Friday, November 9, 2012

Distraction Has Another Name: Her Name is "Poverty"

Distraction stares at us in the face.  She often screams at us and always tends to scream louder when we walk away from her.  She's afraid of being alone.  She is a dependent   She is dependent which is a signal for us as we seek independent, power and freedom from her.   But Distraction has another name..a name she doesn't want you to know that she has.   Her other name is "Poverty".  Become her friend.  Spend time with her.  Entertain and fulfill her needs and you will become just like her.   Run from her, keep going forward and you will not only excape her grasp, but you will leave her only to find your true place.   Remember, she is just like the Spanish refrain, "The loud barking dogs; they don't bite!"  Stay quiet and focused.  Remember! When the "bark" gets louder, it only means you are staying more fully on your course and soon...the further you steer away from her, the softer her bark will become.   Then you will meet more and more people who are friends with Destiny.  She has another name too.  She has many rich names.  Yes, rich names.  Abundance, Blessing. Great, Fruitful, Marvel, and Lucky.  But we all know it wasn't luck at all.  It was Focus on what has always been inside of you all along.  Stay close to your calling from inside.  And don't pay any attention to Distractions! 

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