Friday, November 30, 2012

Never Deprive Yourself :)

Sometimes your soul tells you about something you really need.  Don't let your mind tell you otherwise.  If you know that you need a certain snack to eat while you finish your project...if that snack is going to help you get an A+ on your exam, go take it!  Don't deprive yourself : )   Sometimes your body and soul know better than you.  If you hear your younger son invite you to go for a sandwich.don't say to yourself, "I wish, but i don't have the money.."  If you know you have 5 dollars in your pocket, go for it!  The conversations you have with your family in love are worth more than all the money you will ever make!  Life is calling you out every moment.   Commitments are calling you and trust me, you want to stay true to them as well, but life in the description  I am giving, are the enjoyments of life that you think will detour you from your goals, but are actually small or big catalysts that will help you reach your goals much sooner and give you more than what you could have ever imaginable are calculated with your own mind.  Trust your instincts on life!  Enjoy your life!  Take care of yourself and love life and life will love you right back! : )  

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