Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seek After a Spirit of Great Wealth and Abundance

Proverbs 13:7. Today's society in the US has not had more debt ever in all it's history.  More people borrow and use things that do not necessarily belong to them.  Now I want you to get this.   Along the road we see the physical signs or manifestations, but what we really need to watch out for is the spirit.  And I don't mean to scare anyone, but we must be watchful, because in the US today, the attitude or spirit of debt is around trying to get in to our lives everywhere we turn.   What does the spirit of debt look like?  It's not a face, but an attitude.  It's an attitude of entitlement with earning.   It's an attitude of blame instead of dignity or responsibility.  Perhaps it is a face, but really an illusion.  Just like you can see the person in the nice car and clothes but are unable to see the outrageous debt beneath, it is just as similar when you see the smiling, pretty face of a man or woman, that is afraid to let the person next to her know what's really going on.   Let's make a prayer to get out of debt as it also support a good attitude about life, that we can be transparent in the best way and let people see us for who we are and gives us greater liberties to really set some other people free and help them.   Let's pray for each other as we pray for the Nations.   Financially Debt Free! Proverbs 13:7 : "One pretends to be rich, and has nothing, while another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth"  Which do you want to be today??

Have a blessed day! 

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