Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The New American Dream

With the upcoming situation of the economy we are moving on to the New American Dream:

Instant gratification and indulgent have swept this nation by storm, and the deficit and national debt is the proof of it.   More American's are concerned about looking prosperous instead of being prosperous:  This is what I'm saying:

The new american dream is not living above our means but living with a goal to live below your material means,  the timeless values of old.

to be honest and stay honest.

Don't live for measure up to the ideas of today's materialistic society.

Here is a our new measurement worth investing in:   Our relationships with others, with the community, and with the world one person at a time; being true to yourself and living a simple life of integrity.  This is the new american dream in which we take our pride

Let us embrace these:

honesty, integrity  dedication, commitment and hope,  and let us turn towards the future.

The rewards will be measureless and so will your smiles and peace of mind and joy

Have a tremendously amazing day Today!  

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