Friday, November 9, 2012

This is Our President

We the people elected Barack Obama as President.  Now, it's time to put aside differences and support him.  So I never endorsed a president before, but today I do.  Why do I you ask?  Why this President?

Because, in my opinion, he in the greatest way right now, represents us; he represents that heart of USA and why we should love this country.  He represents us...not just black people, but we the people who hold these unalienable rights, the right to stand on and believe in a dream, who see beyond our country's debts and money, but towards an ideal, even if it may not be realized, even if this person or that person's intentions are bad...we the people believe in people, we believe that people no matter who they are or where they live or come from, can make a difference. It's not only about him; it's about us; it's about our ideals.  They are living!  Our dreams are alive and well and living today! And as I mentioned on Facebook, our views towards the laws of the land (abortion and types of marriage) never started in the government..they started in our homes, and that my friends is where it all stars and finishes.

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