Thursday, November 8, 2012

You Are Your Own Leverage

Leverage is used: 

1. To provide (as a corporation) or supplement (as money) with leverage; also : to enhance as if by supplying with financial leverage

2. : to use for gain : exploit leverage
 the system to their advantage
Now listen:  You are your own leverage.  Often users look for leverage to help them advance in their habitat not only for survival but also to advance in there location they live.  

You are your own leverage.  You are what you need to advance in today's and any society or culture.   This is why less is more.  Look at some of the things in your life.  These things could be viewed as leverage, but do we really need them?  If not, they are not leverage but distractions.   Some people think, girlfriends, the latest technology, and networking is the leverage they need.  Not often so, or at least not all at once.   

Remember,   you are the leverage!   You are the asset that will help people.   You are more valuable than anything else around.   This helps us to remember that people are what is important.  They are not your leverage, you are your own leverage.  People are embeded in your purpose.   Help others.  You are your own asset and leverage to yourself to help as many people around as possible.  That is one of the main reasons why we are here:  To love God and love others.     

I challenge you to go through a time of inventory:  look into your life and keep the things that will help you to love God and love others, and pray how you can do this more and more.  

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