Tuesday, December 11, 2012

God Often Uses Our Weaknesses To Serve His Greatest Purpose

This morning I was cleaning, writing, thinking, and listening to the Bible online, when, as I was looking for my things because I wanted to run, I noticed that I couldn't find my keys ANYWHERE!  Has this ever happened to you?  Well, as I was looking (i usually lose them, but at least find them in less than five minutes ;)), i noticed that it was taking much longer than it should for me to find my keys.  Something was telling me to put on Steven Furtick's most recent sermon online, I did...all the while looking for my keys because I thought, "as soon as I find my keys, im heading out that door."  all the while, Pastor Furtick's message was playing, then it hit me as Steven Furtick's sermon was really good and half way through, i realized that i need to stop looking for my keys because maybe God is doing something through this.  I stopped looking for my keys and simply found that God wanted me to listen to this sermon so I listened, and boy I'm glad I did!  By the end of the sermon I found myself praising God and thanking him for the things he's given to me.  I also remembered a vision God gave me about starting a church online.  I don't know how, but I know if God starts it, He will show me how and lead me to the right people.  I admit, I was kind of distracted by my own selfish goals and ambitions, wanting to be a rock star, wanting to me a girlfriend, wanting to net work and meet as many new people as possible, but i learned from this message that I don't want to keep score on a score board that doesn't matter!  I don't want to gain anything from the world in exchange for richness gained in my soul.   I want to live for Christ, hands down!   Pray for me PLEASE! I accept Christ in everything! Not just from time to time or half-heartily, help me to live my life for Christ!  Keep me accountable in love. Thank you all for being there always.

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