Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Feel Like This is the Battle Of My Life! Asking Powerful Prayers!

Please support me in prayer my friends.

Prayer for the great things we are expecting to happen in our lives!  I feel like the one thing that the enemy doesn't want me to do is to record a record-album.  He knows how this will be very detrimental to his defeated kingdom.   Let us hold each other up in prayer.  Please hold me up in your prayers so I can start a music ministry.

I'm praying that I may go and start my music ministry, even if it means in front of two or three people. I'm asking this question:  What does it look like being surrounded around people who love you, support you, and are filled with faith in God in you.   I'm closing my eyes and I see people of all races and colors, beautiful people of strong faith, and love, and full of light and laughter, I don't see a specific location or an address of a house.  I just see smiles.  Smiles all the time.  Don't let people talk you into being unhappy, not your friends, family, associates at work, or anyone.  Be surrounded around human beings who will love you and support you so you can feed people who are in need of your love and support.  Being there FIRST takes you believing, expecting and feeding faith into what you want to see accomplished in your life.

Close your eyes now right now and see, NOT WHAT YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN OR BE, but what you want to see in your life, the way God sees you: blessed, super prosperous, victorious, the head and not the tale, above and not beneath, much more than a conqueror, and full of life giving faith that pleases God, bring uncontrollable happiness and joy that will make and give others around you complete happiness.  Yes, I do believe that God brings us complete happiness!

I don't know about you but I am seeing myself happy, around happy and great people, it might take you some work, but trust me, it's worth it!  But it all start right there on your knees in prayer!

What Does Being Surrounded by a Crowd of Supporters Look like for you?  I choose to see my new album being recorded professionally.  I don't have all the how-tos but I know that God knows all the how-tos and I see Him pleased at our steps of faith.  Let's take a step of faith today in prayer for one another!  Feel like this is the battle of your life!  Good!  I'm praying for power in your life as well! And I expect a great and incomparably powerful year for you in 2013!


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