Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I've Made It To The Top!

I've made it to the top is the complete realization that i don't have to wait to say, Oh, now because of this thing that i've done now i've finally "made it!".   This idea only takes us step by step away from "the top".  Read the following and realize what I mean by:  Once you realize who you are, you've made it to the top!  Once you've realized that you are who you are!  Then you've made it to the top!  You are who you are!  And there is no one ever like you:

"I am the best!  I have always been the best!  I was born to be incredible me!  God said, "before I formed you in the womb I set you apart from the rest, there is no other you but you, nor is there anyone to do what you can do, but you." (Jeremiah 1:5)   You are the best!  I know what you're thinking, but remember, you are NOT being big-headed. No! You are reminding yourself of the truth, that you have been picked out to be who you are!  Jeremy! Or Kelly!  Or Sandra!  Or Rodrick!  You have been hand picked before you were born to be the best YOU you can be!  I would suggest you repeat this at least a hundred times throughout the day. "I am the best!"  If you're serious, try saying this as confirmation to yourself at least 12 times once every hour from nine to five.   That's your new nine to five job!  Try it just one day, and see how you feel at the end of the day!

Let your light shine and I promise you that light will penetrate into a brand new day for you and the world!

Then people will see today that you've made it to the top!

-Halla J Halla

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