Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Take Action to Develop Your Minds

There is a storm coming! So develop your mind.  It really doesn't take much.  Sometimes just listening to a learning C.D./Mp3 in your car as you drive can be useful.  There are such wonderful videos related to education and learning new inspiring things.  It's useful to think of it this way:  If we are not moving forward, we are actually moving backwards.  Now, this can be dangerous; we also don't want to be busy-bodies just doing things because we are afraid to lose somethign in our lives.  We were never intended to do ANYTHING out of fear but out of FREEDOM.    So think about what you enjoy and learn more abou that.  

I used to be so afraid of trying new things for whatever reason.  But my greatest reason was because I didn't want to get hurt, fail, or be rejected.  But here is the good news!  A. There is a God who uses what you do for your good!  And B.  When you fail you actually win greater!  Look into the lives of the people who lives courageous lives.  Often it was their failures that catepolted or motivated them to soar to levels they've never dreams.  How?  This is what God intends so we can live with strengh and courage; because when we do, we will be given more! it's one of the mysteries of courageous living! Think of it as a muscle.   Work your strong, courageous muscle today!

I like talking about Donald Trump because there are many people that do not like him, but they can't deny the fact that he is a VERY successful man; but what many people don't know or see is that he is a teacher and very generous man to many (and NOBODY's perfect anyway so we need to get off our soapboxes anywho).  As I like to say, we can learn from all people.    

Trump said once, that every reaction from someone concerning our performance is feedback.  When someone says something about your performance, take it as feedback both good and bad, because feedback is the precious gift that teaches us.  Kiyosaki once said, "con artist are the best teachers..just don't be one"  saying that there is a lot to learn from people both good and bad.  We can't afford to miss golden opportunities to learn from others so you can be more successful in your professional life of trade, manufacturing, or whatever field of work/study.

In any and all cases, start small and God bless you as you take great actions to develop our minds today!  

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