Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You Are Very Victorious TODAY!

As I was running today, it came to me:  God has helped me to run for me to remember that there is always something I can do to bless the day and then give the rest to the Lord!  Then I realized that I AM victorious in Christ now!   I was waiting until I could see what was in my own mind as "victorious"  maybe myself as a CEO or some boss or something like that;  but if I keep looking for my own idea of victory, I can miss the healing and victory I have right now and the healing and victory I can bring to somebody right now!   No,God made me to realize today that I am VERY VICTORIOUS right now!  I am a role model RIGHT NOW.  I am more than a conqueror NOW!   And so are you!   Don't give you credit. Lord, help me not to give myself the credit.  As I was running I was reminded how my words were used to encourage some people, I then was reminded that if anyone remembers anything that I said to them that supernaturally helped them, it didn't come from me, but it came from God through me by the awesome and marvelous grace of LORD Jesus that works in who he so graciously chooses.  It is the marvelous grace of God!  Thank God today for God using you in what you might see as the smallest way!    God is far out and he uses the small things to do his awesome, marvelous, and greatest work!  Pray today that God open your eyes to the marvelous way He's working in your life today!

Halla J Halla

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