Friday, December 7, 2012

Your Job is To Be Confident!

Your only job today is to be confident.  To stand up tall!  To stand up straight!  Let this be your righteousness!  Because that is who you are!  Jesus and all He does for you forces you through all that you are going through into the greatest of strength today!  Remember, you job is never to simply place a cap on a  bottle in a factory, or ring up the next customer and count the cash well, or to grade the assignments of the students alone.  No!  Your No.1 agenda today is to stand up tall and be confident!  Say to your day today.  Let the day know that you are strong in it today!   Let your day know who's job it is to make you stand up straight and say "I am strong"!  You are stronger than this day!  Remember that!   

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