Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let GOD tell you what a "KING sized bed" looks like! :)

As I was running this morning, I saw this sign on the side of the street on a billboard!  Amen!  This reminds us:

Remember this:  You are a KING sized man!  YOU are a QUEEN sized person!  Why?  Because God says "You are!"  Remember that today!  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

You Can Be a BILLIONAIRE Right Now!!! :D

Want to be a Billionaire??   You CAN be one RIGHT NOW! How?
Volunteering:   Being a billionaire is not a physical topic, it's a spiritual one!
The attitude of a billionaire is one who will give.  Have you met a truly rich man?
That man is a giver!  He purposefully sets time aside and he gives
He takes time and invests it in the life of others!
I'm not sayin' if you give you WILL BE a billionaire...I'm sayin' when you give
you remind yourself of who you've always been all along!  You are rich
You are blessed and you are A BLESSING! You are worth beyond billions!

Be a billionaire today!  Live like a Billionaire and give FOR FREE!
God is going to use you in great ways today!  
Please pray for me, I want to volunteer at a local hospital at

Mercy Hospital, here, in Toledo, Ohio.
Starting truly is the hardest part!
I have the form right in front of me now.
Please pray that I fill out the paper...and show up!

You are RICH!  You are a Billionaire and abundantly blessed in EVERYWAY TODAY!

Halla J  

Friday, January 25, 2013

Remembering God's Grace :)

Years ago, I worked at the Home Depot off Airport Hwy.  I had worked there for 4 years.  One day, I had checked out a refrigerator that checked out as "on sale".  The man paid and walked away.  

The man who worked in plumbing looked and blamed me for saling a product to a man that wasn't really on sale.  I didn't know what to do.  At the time, God had given to us a great boss who was very caring and looked on me with favor.  He did everything, even to the point of tears to take care of me and make sure that I wasn't at fault for the sale, but he was out numbered and I was fired that next day.

God has his way of working that will be incredible!

5 years later, I was a teacher at Northview High School, my first year!  It was parent-teacher night and four minutes before the program started.  I was so excited and alittle nervous, but I didn't expect to see what I was going to see.  God works so well, it will even surprise you!

The parent that was first to come in to see how the teacher of their daughter was doing.  He came in and it was me!  He just about fell down on the floor!  It was the man who worked in plumbing who had found me to blame for the refrigerator!  Now, instead of angry, we were both over joyed!  He actually gave me the biggest hug, and he told me, "I had to come and see you first, because you are my daughter's favorite teacher!"  

God has a way of showing you who's in charge!  Trust in him today with your life!  

Halla J Halla

Photo (Chris Monday: Retired Spanish teacher at Northview High School)  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Honesty's the Key that Unlocks the Door to EVERYTHING! :D

Honesty unlocks the door to everything!

Yesterday I had a time with the landlord because all these AMAZING things happening to me and I didn't want to tell my landlord.  I was able to find a good price on a washer and dryer.  So, I wanted to trade in her very old washer and dryer for these more efficient ones.  Well, I had not told her about the deal so she was hesitant and wanted me to trade in the washer and dryer and give her the money, which is perfectly fine!  But when I was completely open and honest with her and told her the whole story and how I found the washer and dryer and how nice the manager was, she not only let me trade in the washer and dryer, but she said, "You can keep the money you trade in the washer and dryer for yourself!"  Wow!   Honesty opens so many doors, but most importantly, it opens the door of every heart of your friends, your family, and your loved ones.  Open your heart today and be honest with them :)   If you're afraid, tell them you're afraid.  If you're happy, tell them about it :)   Whatever it is, be open and be honest today! :)  

Have a great day!  

Friday, January 11, 2013


This week, as I was looking at a professor, I realized something.  This professor looked at me approximately every 5 seconds as she spoke. Mind you, this was a 2 hour class, and SHE WAS SPEAKING MOST OF THE TIME!   But that wasn't my point, my point is this:  I also kept an encouraging smile as I looked, intently listening to what she had to say.  Here's my point:  by ten minutes before the 2 hr mark, just before she was going to let out the class, I had a sudden urge to look at my watch to see what time it was.  Now, check this out:  I heard a still smallness of a whisper relate the time I listened to her intently as a climb, and the fact that if I look at this watch right now and what that would represent for the rest of the semester to this woman.  Remember! This is the first time she had met me, and she has obviously been impressed at my ability to listen intently to her;  if I decide to look at this watch right now,while she is still looking at me at  5 second intervals  then I would have not only wasted those 2 hours of "intentive" listening, but that impression, that powerful positive opportunity and impact of listening would have been destroyer  just like falling after a 2 hour climb, never to be able to climb back up, because some mountains in our lives our like an assimilated mountain that we can climb, but it's only there for a short time, and it is there to make us completely powerful in what God has called us to do.   Command your mountains, climb your mountains, conquer your every mountain!  It's there to make you stronger! :)  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Today's Thoughts on Running..

God uses the simplest things to motivate you:

1. As I was running, I was feeling one of my thumbs getting numb because of the cold and the fact that that hand was holding my phone which was giving me my velocity.  But I heard a still voice say, "Use it!"  I thought to myself "hmmm".  And then I heard it again; not out loud but a still small whisper saying, "Use it to take you home quicker!

2. Another voice saying, it's not about where you go, it's about the quality and the goal you reach.

3. Wait until after 5!   I've heard professors tell upcoming teachers, "If you make it past the five year mark, you will do just fine" as a teacher.   I've heard entrepreneurs say to their apprentices, "Many businesses don't survive after 5 years."   Well, let me tell you, running is no different!  Before the sixth mile, I was in pain! Stomach cramps!  Screaming!  and wishing I had gotten more sleep and ate less the night before!  But after the fifth mile!  OH  MY  GOSH!   I couldn't be stopped!  I wanted to go past my training period of 7 miles!
WOW!  So when you're feeling pain, don't fret!  You've yet to hit the 6th mile!  Keep doing what you're doing and thrive!

Have a blessed day!

Monday, January 7, 2013

My New Schedule - Spring 2013

A piece of Cake in a Cup for you Today! :)

Jeremy Holloway – Spring 2013 Schedule at the University of Toledo:


12:00pm - 3:00pm  Writing Center  
4:15-6:45pm - Cultural Diversity for Counselors (only Monday) 


1:00pm - 3:00pm - Writing Center
5:00pm - 7:00pm - Methods Composition Course
7:20pm - 8:35pm - Applied Linguistics Research and Theory  


12:00pm - 3:00pm – Writing Center
7:20pm - 9:50pm - Leading with Power Course


1:00pm -3pm - Writing Center
7:20pm-8:35pm - Applied Linguistics Research and Theory  


10:30pm - 11:30am - American Language Institute
2:00pm - 3:00pm - American Language Institute 

ALI Hours Schedule  

Friday, January 4, 2013

Excellence is Your Best Self Promotion

Excellence is the quickest and most effective way to promote yourself.   Learn from the top businesses in your field about what they are doing to be successful, and do what they do!  It's really that easy! For me, I am blogging, so I might want to look at the greatest bloggers of our time right now, and start doing what they do to not only be a success, but really to meet your goal of helping as many people as possible with your talents and skills and abilities.

I also play music and sing.  So I might want to look into what it takes to be a professional in my area.

I also run...wait! See where this is going!?

FOCUS is also important.

Learn to be excellent in ONE field is my advice.  Learn how to be excellent in them all, but my suggestion would be ONE AT A TIME!  It is very important not to narrow yourself too much as an entrepreneur business man, but as a professional FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.

Focus will help you to hone in on excellence in your field.

Here are the areas I'm considering:

Spanish Tutor
English Tutor (experiential)
Motivational Speaker
Exercise and Healthy living
Time Manager and Organizer
Teacher of all the above.

What is my practical goal out of all these?

How to truly help someone.  This year, as a new years resolution, I want to focus on being excellent in ONE of these fields.  So that, by the time I finish, I will know all of what it needs to take to be a success in these areas.

Now the most logical of the 10+ is ESL English Tutor and Teacher.  Why?  Because this is what I am studying for my masters and Thesis up to Spring 2014.  I'm not so concerned about grades as I am Networking.  The problem with being excellent in this area is that there is not much difference between the job I will get if I am excellent and the job I will get if I am mediocre.  But it's not about the job!  It's about the opportunity to start something all-together new and exciting and to help students experience English ESL in an entirely new way! If I am excellent, excellence will be the platform to do all of these!

In the mean time I will exercise those other areas, but here is my key:

Focus in on being an excellent English ESL Teacher and Tutor.  Learn how to be a successful and excellent teacher and focus on this for one full year!

Learn how to be an excellent blogger to help promote you as an English Teacher.

Run and support other local businesses as you mention yourself as an English tutor and promoter.

Have fun with music and use it as a terrific and fun outlet, but not as a super business.  

Accept feedback from others.  This will be one of the greatest keys to success!

Great things are coming your way today!  Expect great and greatest of things today!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The 90 Degree Angle of Success

In order to go higher, go deeper

When you give to God a tenth of what you have you are teaching your materials to pray!  Think of it this way:

When you are standing, you are at a vertical 0 degree angle, but make one adjustment to pray, and when you pray, you are at 90 degrees.  This is God saying, adjust your angle just a little for me and I will give you everything that you need!  I delight and take pleasure in filling up your house to overflowing and I am filling up your house now unto overflowing!

When your money is all in your hands, your edge, your advantage, your "angle" so to speak, God knows, is at a 0 degree angle.  But adjust it and give a tenth of what you have, and now you are at a -90 degree angle. Well, the word of God says, God gives grace to the humble.  The word says, "Humble yourself, and God Himself will lift you have."  The word says, God delights in those who humble themselves.  The word of God says, "If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray...then will I hear from heaven and will heal their land."  

Remember to teach your materials to humble themselves and pray.   To go higher, you must go deeper.  To reach the next level, doesn't take much traveling and exploring, just takes a few inches from your feet touching the ground  to your knees to the ground.

Take time to pray for your loved ones today!  

Things You Can Demand from God like a baby!

These are the things you can demand from God,  cry it out like a wailing baby!!





Any others?