Friday, January 11, 2013


This week, as I was looking at a professor, I realized something.  This professor looked at me approximately every 5 seconds as she spoke. Mind you, this was a 2 hour class, and SHE WAS SPEAKING MOST OF THE TIME!   But that wasn't my point, my point is this:  I also kept an encouraging smile as I looked, intently listening to what she had to say.  Here's my point:  by ten minutes before the 2 hr mark, just before she was going to let out the class, I had a sudden urge to look at my watch to see what time it was.  Now, check this out:  I heard a still smallness of a whisper relate the time I listened to her intently as a climb, and the fact that if I look at this watch right now and what that would represent for the rest of the semester to this woman.  Remember! This is the first time she had met me, and she has obviously been impressed at my ability to listen intently to her;  if I decide to look at this watch right now,while she is still looking at me at  5 second intervals  then I would have not only wasted those 2 hours of "intentive" listening, but that impression, that powerful positive opportunity and impact of listening would have been destroyer  just like falling after a 2 hour climb, never to be able to climb back up, because some mountains in our lives our like an assimilated mountain that we can climb, but it's only there for a short time, and it is there to make us completely powerful in what God has called us to do.   Command your mountains, climb your mountains, conquer your every mountain!  It's there to make you stronger! :)  

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