Friday, January 4, 2013

Excellence is Your Best Self Promotion

Excellence is the quickest and most effective way to promote yourself.   Learn from the top businesses in your field about what they are doing to be successful, and do what they do!  It's really that easy! For me, I am blogging, so I might want to look at the greatest bloggers of our time right now, and start doing what they do to not only be a success, but really to meet your goal of helping as many people as possible with your talents and skills and abilities.

I also play music and sing.  So I might want to look into what it takes to be a professional in my area.

I also run...wait! See where this is going!?

FOCUS is also important.

Learn to be excellent in ONE field is my advice.  Learn how to be excellent in them all, but my suggestion would be ONE AT A TIME!  It is very important not to narrow yourself too much as an entrepreneur business man, but as a professional FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.

Focus will help you to hone in on excellence in your field.

Here are the areas I'm considering:

Spanish Tutor
English Tutor (experiential)
Motivational Speaker
Exercise and Healthy living
Time Manager and Organizer
Teacher of all the above.

What is my practical goal out of all these?

How to truly help someone.  This year, as a new years resolution, I want to focus on being excellent in ONE of these fields.  So that, by the time I finish, I will know all of what it needs to take to be a success in these areas.

Now the most logical of the 10+ is ESL English Tutor and Teacher.  Why?  Because this is what I am studying for my masters and Thesis up to Spring 2014.  I'm not so concerned about grades as I am Networking.  The problem with being excellent in this area is that there is not much difference between the job I will get if I am excellent and the job I will get if I am mediocre.  But it's not about the job!  It's about the opportunity to start something all-together new and exciting and to help students experience English ESL in an entirely new way! If I am excellent, excellence will be the platform to do all of these!

In the mean time I will exercise those other areas, but here is my key:

Focus in on being an excellent English ESL Teacher and Tutor.  Learn how to be a successful and excellent teacher and focus on this for one full year!

Learn how to be an excellent blogger to help promote you as an English Teacher.

Run and support other local businesses as you mention yourself as an English tutor and promoter.

Have fun with music and use it as a terrific and fun outlet, but not as a super business.  

Accept feedback from others.  This will be one of the greatest keys to success!

Great things are coming your way today!  Expect great and greatest of things today!

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