Monday, January 14, 2013

Honesty's the Key that Unlocks the Door to EVERYTHING! :D

Honesty unlocks the door to everything!

Yesterday I had a time with the landlord because all these AMAZING things happening to me and I didn't want to tell my landlord.  I was able to find a good price on a washer and dryer.  So, I wanted to trade in her very old washer and dryer for these more efficient ones.  Well, I had not told her about the deal so she was hesitant and wanted me to trade in the washer and dryer and give her the money, which is perfectly fine!  But when I was completely open and honest with her and told her the whole story and how I found the washer and dryer and how nice the manager was, she not only let me trade in the washer and dryer, but she said, "You can keep the money you trade in the washer and dryer for yourself!"  Wow!   Honesty opens so many doors, but most importantly, it opens the door of every heart of your friends, your family, and your loved ones.  Open your heart today and be honest with them :)   If you're afraid, tell them you're afraid.  If you're happy, tell them about it :)   Whatever it is, be open and be honest today! :)  

Have a great day!  

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