Friday, January 25, 2013

Remembering God's Grace :)

Years ago, I worked at the Home Depot off Airport Hwy.  I had worked there for 4 years.  One day, I had checked out a refrigerator that checked out as "on sale".  The man paid and walked away.  

The man who worked in plumbing looked and blamed me for saling a product to a man that wasn't really on sale.  I didn't know what to do.  At the time, God had given to us a great boss who was very caring and looked on me with favor.  He did everything, even to the point of tears to take care of me and make sure that I wasn't at fault for the sale, but he was out numbered and I was fired that next day.

God has his way of working that will be incredible!

5 years later, I was a teacher at Northview High School, my first year!  It was parent-teacher night and four minutes before the program started.  I was so excited and alittle nervous, but I didn't expect to see what I was going to see.  God works so well, it will even surprise you!

The parent that was first to come in to see how the teacher of their daughter was doing.  He came in and it was me!  He just about fell down on the floor!  It was the man who worked in plumbing who had found me to blame for the refrigerator!  Now, instead of angry, we were both over joyed!  He actually gave me the biggest hug, and he told me, "I had to come and see you first, because you are my daughter's favorite teacher!"  

God has a way of showing you who's in charge!  Trust in him today with your life!  

Halla J Halla

Photo (Chris Monday: Retired Spanish teacher at Northview High School)  

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