Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Today's Thoughts on Running..

God uses the simplest things to motivate you:

1. As I was running, I was feeling one of my thumbs getting numb because of the cold and the fact that that hand was holding my phone which was giving me my velocity.  But I heard a still voice say, "Use it!"  I thought to myself "hmmm".  And then I heard it again; not out loud but a still small whisper saying, "Use it to take you home quicker!

2. Another voice saying, it's not about where you go, it's about the quality and the goal you reach.

3. Wait until after 5!   I've heard professors tell upcoming teachers, "If you make it past the five year mark, you will do just fine" as a teacher.   I've heard entrepreneurs say to their apprentices, "Many businesses don't survive after 5 years."   Well, let me tell you, running is no different!  Before the sixth mile, I was in pain! Stomach cramps!  Screaming!  and wishing I had gotten more sleep and ate less the night before!  But after the fifth mile!  OH  MY  GOSH!   I couldn't be stopped!  I wanted to go past my training period of 7 miles!
WOW!  So when you're feeling pain, don't fret!  You've yet to hit the 6th mile!  Keep doing what you're doing and thrive!

Have a blessed day!

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