Sunday, January 27, 2013

You Can Be a BILLIONAIRE Right Now!!! :D

Want to be a Billionaire??   You CAN be one RIGHT NOW! How?
Volunteering:   Being a billionaire is not a physical topic, it's a spiritual one!
The attitude of a billionaire is one who will give.  Have you met a truly rich man?
That man is a giver!  He purposefully sets time aside and he gives
He takes time and invests it in the life of others!
I'm not sayin' if you give you WILL BE a billionaire...I'm sayin' when you give
you remind yourself of who you've always been all along!  You are rich
You are blessed and you are A BLESSING! You are worth beyond billions!

Be a billionaire today!  Live like a Billionaire and give FOR FREE!
God is going to use you in great ways today!  
Please pray for me, I want to volunteer at a local hospital at

Mercy Hospital, here, in Toledo, Ohio.
Starting truly is the hardest part!
I have the form right in front of me now.
Please pray that I fill out the paper...and show up!

You are RICH!  You are a Billionaire and abundantly blessed in EVERYWAY TODAY!

Halla J  

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