Thursday, February 28, 2013

Take Good Fortune By the Hand! :)

Here's a list of fortunes a guy listed on his sight and I share them with you :)
Take one, take more!  They're all yours! :)  

"Below is a list of fortune cookie fortunes that I’ve received in alphabetical order. A number in parenthesis after the fortune indicates that I’ve received it multiple times, and how many times I’ve received it.  This list is continuously updated."
  • “Welcome” is a powerful word.
  • A dubious friend may be an enemy in camouflage.
  • A feather in the hand is better than a bird in the air. (2)
  • A fresh start will put you on your way.
  • A friend asks only for your time not your money.
  • A friend is a present you give yourself.
  • A gambler not only will lose what he has, but also will lose what he doesn’t have.
  • A golden egg of opportunity falls into your lap this month.
  • A good time to finish up old tasks. (2)
  • A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.
  • A light heart carries you through all the hard times.
  • A new perspective will come with the new year. (2)
  • A person is never to (sic) old to learn. (2)
  • A person of words and not deeds is like a garden full of weeds.
  • A pleasant surprise is waiting for you.
  • A smile is your personal welcome mat.
  • A smooth long journey! Great expectations.
  • A soft voice may be awfully persuasive.
  • A truly rich life contains love and art in abundance.
  • Accept something that you cannot change, and you will feel better.
  • Adventure can be real happiness.
  • Advice is like kissing. It costs nothing and is a pleasant thing to do.
  • Advice, when most needed, is least heeded.
  • All the effort you are making will ultimately pay off.
  • All the troubles you have will pass away very quickly.
  • All will go well with your new project.
  • All your hard work will soon pay off.
  • Allow compassion to guide your decisions.
  • An agreeable romance might begin to take on the appearance.
  • An important person will offer you support.
  • An inch of time is an inch of gold.
  • Be careful or you could fall for some tricks today.
  • Beauty in its various forms appeals to you. (2)
  • Because you demand more from yourself, others respect you deeply.
  • Believe in yourself and others will too.
  • Believe it can be done.
  • Better ask twice than lose yourself once.
  • Carve your name on your heart and not on marble.
  • Change is happening in your life, so go with the flow!
  • Competence like yours is underrated.
  • Congratulations! You are on your way.
  • Could I get some directions to your heart? (2)
  • Courtesy begins in the home.
  • Courtesy is contagious.
  • Curiosity kills boredom. Nothing can kill curiosity.
  • Dedicate yourself with a calm mind to the task at hand.
  • Depart not from the path which fate has you assigned.
  • Determination is what you need now.
  • Disbelief destroys the magic.
  • Distance yourself from the vain.
  • Do not be intimidated by the eloquence of others.
  • Do not let ambitions overshadow small success.
  • Do not make extra work for yourself.
  • Do not underestimate yourself. Human beings have unlimited potentials.
  • Don’t be discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.
  • Don’t confuse recklessness with confidence. (2)
  • Don’t just spend time. Invest it.
  • Don’t just think, act!
  • Don’t let friends impose on you, work calmly and silently.
  • Don’t let the past and useless detail choke your existence.
  • Don’t let your limitations overshadow your talents.
  • Don’t worry; prosperity will knock on your door soon.
  • Each day, compel yourself to do something you would rather not do.
  • Education is the ability to meet life’s situations.
  • Emulate what you admire in your parents. (2)
  • Emulate what you respect in your friends.
  • Every flower blooms in its own sweet time.
  • Every wise man started out by asking many questions.
  • Everyday in your life is a special occasion.
  • Failure is the chance to do better next time.
  • Feeding a cow with roses does not get extra appreciation.
  • For hate is never conquered by hate. Hate is conquered by love.
  • Fortune Not Found: Abort, Retry, Ignore?
  • From listening comes wisdom and from speaking repentance.
  • From now on your kindness will lead you to success.
  • Get your mind set — confidence will lead you on.
  • Get your mind set…confidence will lead you on.
  • Go take a rest; you deserve it.
  • Good news will be brought to you by mail.
  • Good news will come to you by mail.
  • Good to begin well, better to end well.
  • Happiness begins with facing life with a smile and a wink.
  • Happiness will bring you good luck.
  • Happy life is just in front of you.
  • Hard words break no bones, fine words butter no parsnips.
  • Have a beautiful day.
  • He who expects no gratitude shall never be disappointed. (2)
  • He who knows he has enough is rich.
  • Help! I’m being held prisoner in a chinese bakery!
  • How you look depends on where you go.
  • I learn by going where I have to go.
  • If a true sense of value is to be yours it must come through service.
  • If certainty were truth, we would never be wrong.
  • If you continually give, you will continually have.
  • If you look in the right places, you can find some good offerings.
  • If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.
  • If your desires are not extravagant, they will be granted.
  • If your desires are not to extravagant they will be granted. (2)
  • In order to take, one must first give.
  • In the end all things will be known.
  • It could be better, but its[sic] good enough.
  • It is better to deal with problems before they arise.
  • It is honorable to stand up for what is right, however unpopular it seems.
  • It is worth reviewing some old lessons.
  • It takes courage to admit fault.
  • It’s time to get moving. Your spirits will lift accordingly.
  • Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see shadows.
  • Let the world be filled with tranquility and goodwill.
  • Listen not to vain words of empty tongue.
  • Listen to everyone. Ideas come from everywhere.
  • Living with a commitment to excellence shall take you far.
  • Long life is in store for you.
  • Love is a warm fire to keep the soul warm.
  • Love is like sweet medicine, good to the last drop.
  • Love lights up the world.
  • Love truth, but pardon error. (2)
  • Man is born to live and not prepared to live.
  • Many will travel to hear you speak.
  • Meditation with an old enemy is advised.
  • Miles are covered one step at a time.
  • Nature, time and patience are the three great physicians.
  • Never fear! The end of something marks the start of something new.
  • New ideas could be profitable.
  • New people will bring you new realizations, especially about big issues. (2)
  • No one can walk backwards into the future.
  • Now is a good time to buy stock.
  • Now is the time to go ahead and pursue that love interest!
  • Now is the time to try something new
  • Now is the time to try something new.
  • Others can help you now.
  • Pennies from heaven find their way to your doorstep this year!
  • People are attracted by your Delicate[sic] features.
  • People find it difficult to resist your persuasive manner.
  • Perhaps you’ve been focusing too much on saving.
  • Physical activity will dramatically improve your outlook today.
  • Place special emphasis on old friendship.
  • Please visit us at
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Protective measures will prevent costly disasters.
  • Put your mind into planning today. Look into the future.
  • Remember to share good fortune as well as bad with your friends.
  • Rest has a peaceful effect on your physical and emotional health.
  • Resting well is as important as working hard.
  • Romance moves you in a new direction.
  • Savor your freedom — it is precious.
  • Say hello to others. You will have a happier day.
  • Self-knowledge is a life long process.
  • Share your joys and sorrows with your family.
  • Sloth makes all things difficult; industry all easy.
  • Small confidences mark the onset of a friendship.
  • Society prepares the crime; the criminal commits it.
  • Someone you care about seeks reconciliation.
  • Soon life will become more interesting.
  • Stand tall. Don’t look down upon yourself. (2)
  • Stop searching forever, happiness is just next to you.
  • Success is a journey, not a destination.
  • Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
  • Take care and sensitivity you show towards others will return to you.
  • Take the high road.
  • The austerity you see around you covers the richness of life like a veil.
  • The best prediction of future is the past.
  • The change you started already have far-reaching effects. Be ready.
  • The change you started already have far-reaching effects. Be ready.
  • The first man gets the oyster, the second man gets the shell.
  • The harder you work, the luckier you get.
  • The night life is for you.
  • The one that recognizes the illusion does not act as if it is real.
  • The only people who never fail are those who never try.
  • The person who will not stand for something will fall for anything.
  • The philosophy of one century is the common sense of the next.
  • The saints are the sinners who keep on trying.
  • The secret to good friends is no secret to you. (2)
  • The small courtesies sweeten life, the greater ennoble it.
  • The smart thing to do is to begin trusting your intuitions.
  • The strong person understands how to withstand substantial loss.
  • The sure way to predict the future is to invent it.
  • The truly generous share, even with the undeserving.
  • The value lies not within any particular thing, but in the desire placed on that thing.
  • The weather is wonderful. (2)
  • There is no mistake so great as that of being always right.
  • There is no wisdom greater than kindness. (2)
  • There is not greater pleasure than seeing your lived (sic) ones prosper.
  • There’s no such thing as an ordinary cat.
  • Things don’t just happen; they happen just.
  • Those who care will make the effort.
  • Time and patience are called for many surprises await you!. (sic)
  • Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time
  • To know oneself, one should assert oneself.
  • Today is the conserve yourself, as things just won’t budge.
  • Today, your mouth might be moving but no one is listening.
  • Tonight you will be blinded by passion.
  • Use your eloquence where it will do the most good.
  • Welcome change.
  • Well done is better than well said.
  • What’s hidden in an empty box?
  • What’s yours in mine, and what’s mine is mine.
  • When your heart is pure, your mind is clear.
  • Wish you happiness.
  • You always bring others happiness.
  • You are a person of another time.
  • You are a talented storyteller. (2)
  • You are admired by everyone for your talent and ability.
  • You are almost there.
  • You are busy, but you are happy.
  • You are generous to an extreme and always think of the other fellow.
  • You are going to have some new clothes. (2)
  • You are in good hands this evening.
  • You are modest and courteous.
  • You are never selfish with your advice or your help.
  • You are next in line for promotion in your firm.
  • You are offered the dream of a lifetime. Say yes!
  • You are open-minded and quick to make new friends. (2)
  • You are solid and dependable.
  • You are soon going to change your present line of work.
  • You are talented in many ways.
  • You are the master of every situation. (2)
  • You are very expressive and positive in words, act and feeling.
  • You are working hard.
  • You begin to appreciate how important it is to share your personal beliefs.
  • You desire recognition and you will find it.
  • You have a deep appreciation of the arts and music.
  • You have a deep interest in all that is artistic.
  • You have a friendly heart and are well admired. (2)
  • You have a shrewd knack for spotting insincerity.
  • You have a yearning for perfection. (3)
  • You have an active mind and a keen imagination.
  • You have an ambitious nature and may make a name for yourself.
  • You have an unusual equipment for success, use it properly.
  • You have exceeded what was expected.
  • You have the power to write your own fortune.
  • You have yearning for perfection.
  • You know where you are going and how to get there.
  • You look pretty.
  • You love challenge.
  • You love chinese food.
  • You make people realize that there exist other beauties in the world.
  • You never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems. (2)
  • You seek to shield those you love and like the role of provider. (2)
  • You should be able to make money and hold on to it.
  • You should be able to undertake and complete anything.
  • You understand how to have fun with others and to enjoy your solitude.
  • You will always be surrounded by true friends.
  • You will always get what you want through your charm and personality.
  • You will always have good luck in your personal affairs.
  • You will be a great success both in the business world and society. (2)
  • You will be blessed with longevity.
  • You will be successful in your work.
  • You will be traveling and coming into a fortune.
  • You will be unusually successful in business.
  • You will become a great philanthropist in your later years.
  • You will become more and more wealthy.
  • You will enjoy good health.
  • You will enjoy good health; you will be surrounded by luxury.
  • You will find great contentment in the daily, routine activities.
  • You will have a fine capacity for the enjoyment of life.
  • You will have gold pieces by the bushel.
  • You will inherit a large sum of money.
  • You will make change for the better.
  • You will soon be surrounded by good friends and laughter.
  • You will take a chance in something in near future.
  • You will travel far and wide, both pleasure and business.
  • You will travel far and wide,both pleasure and business.
  • Your abilities are unparalleled.
  • Your ability is appreciated.
  • Your ability to juggle many tasks will take you far.
  • Your biggest virtue is your modesty.
  • Your character can be described as natural and unrestrained.
  • Your difficulties will strengthen you.
  • Your dreams are never silly; depend on them to guide you.
  • Your dreams are worth your best efforts to achieve them.
  • Your energy returns and you get things done.
  • Your family is young, gifted and attractive.
  • Your first love has never forgotten you.
  • Your happiness is before you, not behind you! Cherish it.
  • Your hard work will payoff today.
  • Your heart will always make itself known through your words.
  • Your home is the center of great love.
  • Your ideals are well within your reach.
  • Your infinite capacity for patience will be rewarded sooner or later.
  • Your leadership qualities will be tested and proven.
  • Your life will be happy and peaceful.
  • Your life will get more and more exciting.
  • Your love life will be happy and harmonious.
  • Your love of music will be an important part of your life.
  • Your loyalty is a virtue, but not when it’s wedded with blind stubbornness.
  • Your mind is creative, original and alert.
  • Your mind is your greatest asset.
  • Your quick wits will get you out of a tough situation.
  • Your success will astonish everyone. (2)
  • Your talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded.
  • Your work interests can capture the highest status or prestige.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Free Ideas Part 1: Google Wonderland

Ok, so woke up from this wickedly awesome dream!  I thought I was looking at a computer that turned out to be actually and Inverted Super-dome connected to a power tower that traveled around a wonderland:

Here's the cool part:  this was Google world:  you could go to any place and ACTUALLY see it from the satellite view, but with a fun twist: it was LIVE!



I think a business that promotes staying at home and working from a desk, OWES it to the world to create something ORGANIC and fun to the world.  That's one way to give back to the environment we so often neglect these days!

Let me know what you think??  Email, message or visit me at "God wants you to smile" on Facebook :)  

Friday, February 22, 2013

What Does Our Lives and a Very Substantial Sandwich Have in Common? :)

Our journey in this world is like a wonderful sandwich.   It has the section in general:  a beginning a middle and an end.   The beginning is generally light, the end is light, but the middle is very heavy, very substantial, and it's where you get all the protein.  It takes work to prepare the middle.  Most of us are in the middle and it takes work to give a sandwich the quality it deserves.  Today let's make our sandwich better and we start by digging into his word which lasts forever:  The best quality in this entire existence   May you be filled with His grace and peace to have the best sandwiched life ever! :D

God bless :)

Jeremy Christopher Bright

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Presence of God Brings Us into Wonderful New Habits

Happy Valentines Day! :D   

Today is a time for everything to think about love.  However, this is also a time that we might lose sense of what presence of love we want.   The presence of God and His love brings us into a new habit.   The presence of God interrupts every bad habit we have.  How?  God is sovereign and He rules on High!  It's not often our circumstances that causes us to be in despair  but it's what we THINK about our circumstances that causes the latter.  If we think another person is in control over how we feel, we give the person our joy, our hope, our dreams, and often we fall into depression because a man was never meant to carry that kind of power..the thought of a fallible person whose righteousness adds up to filthily rags in comparison to God's is depressing in and of itself.  But if we think about our circumstance in the presence of God, it interrupts our habit of falling into despair, thinking about our failures and all our shortcomings.  God's presence brings us into a place where we shift our thoughts over from circumstances and people to a God who is over control of them all!  When we shift our trust, sadness has to go!  The sad thing is, sometimes our bodies our so used to routine that it often becomes accustomed to having sadness there, and our of pride, doesn't want to lose it even for exchange of constant and increasing Joy in Christ Jesus alone!  We have to deny ourselves this type of sadness (as strange as it sounds! But our bodies our so tricky like that, we'll hold on to anything that's has been made a routine..which also means we can make new ones!) and keep holding to happiness in Christ Jesus who reigns in control over our lives in joy and ever increasing happiness forever!  God help us to deny ourselves of our prideful habits and lean on the joy of knowing your Son, and your Son alone.  May we find trust and contentment fully in Him this Valentines Day.  

Yay! First Night Doing Stand Up Comedy! :D

Had my first experience doing comedy!  I am so thankful that I did it!  It reminded me of the thrill of life that I  still really, really need in my life!  I need to go out every single night and just do what I need to do!  Comedy,  Music Performances, Whatever seriously!  I also think about volunteering, at Adelante for example!  I need to be out there and JUST DO IT!   I'm like a dare devil sometimes.  But here's what I like about comedy:  It helps you to not only be open and honest about your life, but also to be in a sense clear, positive, and uplifting about your past, your present, your perspectives, and your future!  It's rich!  I saw people laugh at the things I had to say!  It rocked SERIOUSLY!   I know that the more I do it, the more I want and need to do it!  God is going to open doors that NO MAN CAN SHUT!   It's up to us to try.

What are some other ways, place I can get involved in???  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Thousand Things To Be Thankful For: Part One

There are literally thousands of things to be thankful for, and all you have to do, is LOOK INSIDE.  I'm going to make a list of a thousand things to be thankful for so I can wake up in the morning and say, "Thank You" with the realization that God has already blessed me so much beyond measure that I can not comprehend it all, but trying makes me a better man for it.
So here it is:  In ten parts (we will start random, and then get specific).  Feel free to message me if you find I repeat any of these

1. My lungs work well.
2. My eyes work well.
3. My mind works well.
4. My hands are working well.
5. I have fingers that work well.
6. I have finger nails and they work well.
7.  My hands respond when they are told "move."
8.  My hands can feel.
9. My hands can type on a computer.
10. I have no pain when I wake up in the morning.
11. I sleep well at night with no difficulties.
12. I have clear veins.
13. I can see.
14. I can hear.
15. I can feel.
16. I have ear drums that work very well.
17. I have two arms.
18. My arms work very well!
19. My shoulders work very well and feel no pain.
20. I have healthy knees.
21. My arms have great muscles.
22. I can function my body.
23. I can function my mouth.
24. I can function my eyes.
25. I can move my right leg.
26. I can move my left and right legs.
27. I can move my feet.
28. I can move my pinky (Fifth) toe.
29. I can move my big toe (Hallux) on both sides!
30. I can move both my Long Toes.
31. I can move/feel both my Third Toes on each foot.
32. I can move/feel both my Fourth Toes on each foot.
33. I have teeth.
34. My teeth feel great!
35. They are not in pain.
36.  I have a tongue.
37. My tongue can taste foods.
38. My teeth are together.
39. I have a vocal cord.
40. I can function my mouth.
41. I can function my eyes.
42. I can feel my left and right legs.
43. I can feel my feet; both of them!
44. I can move my feet; both of them!
45. I have kidneys that work well!
46. I have a stomach that works well!
47. I have a high functioning pancreas working for me!
48. I have a bladder working for me!
49. I have excellent bone marrow.
50.  My Lymph nodes work well!
51. My Pharynx works well!
52. My Larynx works well!
53. I have a healthy heart.
54. I have a healthy liver.
55. I have a healthy wonderful Skeleton!
56. I have great and healthy intestines!
57. I have a great healthy Pulmonary Valve.
58. I have a wonderfully healthy Tricuapid Valve.
59. I have a super healthy Right Bentricle.
60. I have a wonderful Left Ventricle.
61. I have a very healthy Aortic Valve.
62. I have a very healthy Left Atrium.
63. I have a very healthy Right Atrium.
64. I have a super healthy Pulmonary Vein.
65. I have a very healthy and great Pulmonary Artery.
66. I have a great Artoa!
67. I have a very healthy Superior Vena Cava!
68. I have a very healthy Subdavian Artery!
69. I have a great and healthy Cephalic vein.
70. I have a very healthy Axilary Artery.
71. I have a great Descending Aorta.
72. I have a great Crachial Artery.
73. I have a very great Basilic Vein.
74. I have a great Median Cubital Vein.
75. I have a wonderful working Cephalic Vein.
76. I have a great and wonderful working Radial Artery.
77. I have a wonderful working Palmar Digital Veins.  
78.  My Dorsal Digital arteries work very very well!
79.  My Dorsal Venous Arch is looking good!
80.  My Dorsal Digital Vein works excellently.
81. My Dorsal Venous Arch is excellent!
82. My Anterior / Posterior Tibial Veins are excellent!
83. My Peroneal Artery is excellent!
84. My Posterior Tibial Artery is excellent!
85. My Anterior Tibial Artery works very well!
86. My Small Sapherious Vein works so very well!
87. The Popliteal Vein works so excellently!
88. My Popliteal Artery works so well!
89. My Femoral Vein works so well!
90. My Femoral Arteries work very excellently!
91. My Great Saphenous Vein works excellently!
92. My External Iliac veins work so excellently!
93. My External Iliac artery works so well as well!
94. My Internal Iliac Veins work top notch!
95. My Common Iliac Artery is super healthy!
96. My Common Iliac veins work to it's best potential!
97. My Gonadal Vein is excellent!
98. My Gonadal Artery works so well too!
99. My Renal Artery works to it's best!
100. My Renal Veins are excellent in every way!
101. My Hepatic Vein is great!
102. My Celiac trunk couldn't be any more awesome!
103. My Pulmonary Veins work so well!
104. My Pulmonary Arteries are top shipshape.
105.  Thankful to be a man of excellence!
106.  My Common Carotid Arteries are working perfectly!
107. My Internal Jugular vein is excellent!
108. My External Jugular vein is working so well!
109. My External Carotid Artery is very well!
110. My Internal Carotid Artery is immaculate!  
111. My Basilar Artery can't me any more superb!    
112. My Circulatory System works beyond excellently!  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Philippians 4:8 and the Law of Attraction :)

Listen to Michael J. Losier and think about why I tied in what he is saying to Philippians 4:8, which states,

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things."

THIS, will DEFINITELY be worth your time : )  

" Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What Price Are You Willing to Pay??

Are you willing to pay the price for what you want in life?   I got news for ya!  The two payments that many people neglect are these:  rest  and  rejoicing!   The Bible says, it's the "sacrifice of praise"   I hurts our pride when we smile sometimes because we think that we need to earn a smile..i guess?   But going around with a feeling of satisfaction  knowing that God has given you everything you need!  Complete contentment is a sacrifice of praise to the Lord!  God is great and good in your life is a sacrifice of praise!  Cheering up and just smiling knowing that every single thing is working for not just your regular good, but for the most powerful, awesome, surprising, astonishing greatest good in your life beyond your imagination and dreams ever!  Offer to God the sacrifice of praise!  And yes, fasting for years, praying, working over the clock is sometimes good, but nothing beats following Jesus and "just believing!"   When you read God's word remember God's intent for you and say to yourself, "My life is getting better and better every day and in every way; God's blessings are incredibly chasing me down every moment of my life!"  Become a champion at sharing joy, especially at times when you should be otherwise!  This is what the disciples did and they saw the exciting hand of God most High!  Get excited!  God is about to melt the cold frosty snow in your life!   Now, are you willing to pray the price??   Smile.  Be joyful in the morning!  Make a list of things you are super grateful for :)

Rest:  remember this.  Your body is not meant to work a tone none stop..Rest well!  I need to really remember this.  Sometimes the best rest is doing something you truly enjoy.  I feel for people who go to work everyday and neglect doing things that bring them real joy in their lives.  They go around wearing a plastic face, always thinking they have to "turn on the look" but the truth is the pain of their neglect is showing over the look they are giving.

But real rest is very important.  Go and do nothing, or don't let your mind get so serious all the time.  Think about stuff that you like or love to do, and don't you dare condemn yourself for thinking lightly for a day.  Give your mind a break.   Become a professional not only in your working field, but also in enjoying your life, in rejoicing, and especially in resting, so you can be fresh, ready and willing to bless others!  I don't know about you, but when I feel great I gotta share my feeling with others.  Go and share your joy with someone this week!  Have a great, great one!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Turn Grocery Shopping into a Life-Change Experience!

There are unlimited blessings for you!   Saying that, what we put in our lives and our bodies is very important.  I noticed as I looked on the product counters in the aisles at the local grocery store that all of the highest of quality items are placed at the top, upper shelves.  Go look next time you enter the grocery store!  Look at the items at the top of each row.  They're at the top!  There's, of course, great purpose in this, I believe.  It's obvious that the items that most costumers shop for are in the center row, the cheapest at the bottom, and what's considered the most expensive or highest prices is normally at the top.

I have something to say to you now:  This is life!  This is what life is!  Everyday we stand in front of life (the food items on the counter); we stand in front of a food shelve, and we tell ourselves what is "for us" and what is not for us.   We decide and we take those items and I believe our lives reflect just that.  I challenge you to examine and look at the items you are choosing.  I bet you will be amazed at how you never stopped to even look at the top shelf, or maybe you never stopped to look down at the bottom shelf (good idea in my opinion), subconsciously thinking that, that area will "never be for you".    I dare you to look at that "top shelf" again, because that shelf IS for you!  You CAN afford it!  How do I know that?  Because God made you, and you are NOT of low quality.  In fact, there isn't anything about you that is of low quality!  You are a success!  You are an entrepreneur in your life!  The moment you start looking through eyes of quality, you'll be surprised at how many things of the greatest quality are around you now!   Try it at the grocery store!  Go there, have a budget, and get only items of highest quality..  Remember, it's not necessary about the price! Nor is it necessary about the quantity    It's about the attitude!  When you go in the grocery store, it's just like you're going into life!  I have a question:  Do you go in with a plan?  Do you have in mind what you want?  If so, what are they?   There's a big difference in what we allow in our lives to be of great quality and every week we have the opportunity to examine and allow great quality into our lives from our local grocery store, every day!  Remember, your attitude about life consciously or subconscious, reflect in EVERY area of your life right now.  The life of every person is very consistent actually according to how we choose to think.  In order to change this, we have to start somewhere!  Why not at your local grocery store! :)   Diagnose and see how your attitude guides your life.  It's amazing how your attitude will completely change the items you select at a local grocery store, but it's a great example of how we decide to live our every day lives.  What's ironic is, you might find that, with a budget, you can not spend less; and someone might say, "Well, J, that's cool for you, but I have a HUGE family and we just can't afford all that awesome quality stuff!" but here's something I want you to look at:   Have you ever had such a great meal that you  didn't want to ruin it by eating something of lesser quality?  The meal you ate made you feel so good that that burrito plopped in front of you in the evening just didn't look appealing to you anymore! That's the same with shopping for quality as opposed to only for quantity.  My father has always been one of the best for shopping at the grocery store.  My dad enjoyed it!  He loved to see what he could get, even of high quality, and still save on his grocery bill!  We quickly found that the satisfaction of knowing that you are of high quality and you are only allowing higher quality in your life, always gives you a sense of satisfaction and sensation of a positive attitude about success, big and small; and  the idea of quantity slowly seems of less importance to you and your family.

I know this may sound funny, but I usually gain weight when my refrigerator is empty!  Strange right!  It said that this is because when we feel a sense of lack, our attitude of quality goes out the door, and our bodies immediately go into survival mode and instantly go gathering quantity: get the most calories in you as you can because your body doesn't see food around.   The saying is true:  Quality is better than quantity.  We can't fool our bodies, our bodies know this better than we think.   Here's two things:  tell your body what you need to eat by surrounding yourself around great quality! What a great psychological reminder for yourself and for your body:  If we had time, I would associate this with other areas in our lives, but I will do that later..:)   You are of great quality, you are no going to "go hungry" ever!  You will never be "lacking"!  Remember, your body responds to your attitude every day!   A quality life will change hunger pains into a sense of satisfaction  contentment and fulfillment in your dietary life just by changing your attitude about life.   Try it out today and see what you are buying at the grocery store and why. Be HONEST with yourself!   You'll find some amazing discoveries about yourself.   Remember, our attitude about life reflects in EVERYTHING WE DO EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY.  So why not take a clear and easy test to see what we are thinking about our lives, and start by making small changes that will make a big difference.

I challenge you to go into the grocery store next time, and see what you think about the higher quality items...maybe you will try out buying only things of highest of quality.  If you do, don't do it for the price, nor worry about the quantity, but reflect on that fact that you ARE  of high quality and ONLY a high quality person who will ONLY allow highest of quality for you in your life :)  

Have a great day! :)  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finding Happiness

God has a specific plan and purpose for everybody, and he wraps it in a little thing we call:  "Happiness!"    
God has a specific purpose for us, and he places it in the center of our being so that we always know, that we know, that we know what we need to be up to.  That way we'll have it forever.  It was God's joy to wire us that way in the first place so no one would understand, but later they would and praise God for it!  
It's the joy in doing what we've always been gifted to do.  Yes, I mean if it's dancing, than it's dancing.  If opera, then opera.  If computers, then computers.  If it's baking, then baking!  None of these are wrong. I'm looking at a CD book right now entitled, "Delivering Happiness:  A Path To Profits, Passion, and Purpose."   The CEO of, Inc, Tony Hsieh talked about how his Taiwanese parents would pay for all his clothes and all he would ever need, if he just went for the MD to become a Doctor!   He didn't go for it, mostly because he wasn't convinced that getting that degree was the only way that he could find success.  In my opinion, his parents meant well, but they didn't get this principle:  God has already placed in that boy or that girl what they have been called specifically by Him to do.  How do we know?  We ask them!  What do you want to do?  What do you enjoy doing?   God made us to pursue the joy in our lives: the happiness in our lives breeds life for others.  The joy set in us by really obeying God's call to live with overflowing joy gives us more than enough to do everything God's created us to do!   That's why the Bible says, "For the JOY set before him, he endured the cross."  Only Jesus was powerfully anointed and joy-filled equipped to do this.  Was not easy!  But praise God for the JOY set before him to endure it for all of us on our behalf!   Just like how Jim Carey is joy-filled equipped to make people laugh or how it was Bill Gates joy to build technical devices we call computers.  I'm sure they don't have perfect days all the time, but the joy of doing what they love gives them great power and inspires countless people time and time again!  It's now up to us to find that joy.  Finding happiness:

I'm finding my community.   Yeah, it's pretty much settled.  Music is the place for's what I need to be doing.  It's not only where I lose the worry about life, but I encourage a crap loud of people as well!  Not only do I encourage people, but they greatly encourage me as well!  You know, I was talking with my dad today over coffee, and wo! Blessed!  It was just a blessing to hear about my dad and mom and how they dated and what it was like.  So great!  So as we were talking we chatted about how life is about enjoying your life.  If you are not enjoying your life, go and find your happiness!  If you are not enjoying your life, how do you expect anyone you're with to?  It's not (and never will be) their job to make you happy.  You need to find your happiness and your crowd will already be there waiting for you.  Everyone needs this.  We listen often to (fill in the blank) and we think (as we live miserably everyday) that that's the life for us.  Sad, sad, sad.   If you don't know happiness, it is impossible for you to share it with someone else.  That's how you know if you have it or now.  If you do, great...if not, chances are you're living in the shadows of somebody's life...that same somebody is NOT going to be around when you stand before the YOU KNOW WHO.   Go and find your joy.   Jesus did!   There were many people (relatives, friends, pharisees, society) that wanted or perhaps thought that he should live a certain way...Jesus frustrated some people that way.  He was free and happy.  People follow someone when they see he's free and happy, because they want to be free and happy as well.  Genuine joy can't be neglected.   It was exciting and purposeful around Jesus..and where there's excitement and purpose there's joy and happiness!   Go and find your happiness!