Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Thousand Things To Be Thankful For: Part One

There are literally thousands of things to be thankful for, and all you have to do, is LOOK INSIDE.  I'm going to make a list of a thousand things to be thankful for so I can wake up in the morning and say, "Thank You" with the realization that God has already blessed me so much beyond measure that I can not comprehend it all, but trying makes me a better man for it.
So here it is:  In ten parts (we will start random, and then get specific).  Feel free to message me if you find I repeat any of these

1. My lungs work well.
2. My eyes work well.
3. My mind works well.
4. My hands are working well.
5. I have fingers that work well.
6. I have finger nails and they work well.
7.  My hands respond when they are told "move."
8.  My hands can feel.
9. My hands can type on a computer.
10. I have no pain when I wake up in the morning.
11. I sleep well at night with no difficulties.
12. I have clear veins.
13. I can see.
14. I can hear.
15. I can feel.
16. I have ear drums that work very well.
17. I have two arms.
18. My arms work very well!
19. My shoulders work very well and feel no pain.
20. I have healthy knees.
21. My arms have great muscles.
22. I can function my body.
23. I can function my mouth.
24. I can function my eyes.
25. I can move my right leg.
26. I can move my left and right legs.
27. I can move my feet.
28. I can move my pinky (Fifth) toe.
29. I can move my big toe (Hallux) on both sides!
30. I can move both my Long Toes.
31. I can move/feel both my Third Toes on each foot.
32. I can move/feel both my Fourth Toes on each foot.
33. I have teeth.
34. My teeth feel great!
35. They are not in pain.
36.  I have a tongue.
37. My tongue can taste foods.
38. My teeth are together.
39. I have a vocal cord.
40. I can function my mouth.
41. I can function my eyes.
42. I can feel my left and right legs.
43. I can feel my feet; both of them!
44. I can move my feet; both of them!
45. I have kidneys that work well!
46. I have a stomach that works well!
47. I have a high functioning pancreas working for me!
48. I have a bladder working for me!
49. I have excellent bone marrow.
50.  My Lymph nodes work well!
51. My Pharynx works well!
52. My Larynx works well!
53. I have a healthy heart.
54. I have a healthy liver.
55. I have a healthy wonderful Skeleton!
56. I have great and healthy intestines!
57. I have a great healthy Pulmonary Valve.
58. I have a wonderfully healthy Tricuapid Valve.
59. I have a super healthy Right Bentricle.
60. I have a wonderful Left Ventricle.
61. I have a very healthy Aortic Valve.
62. I have a very healthy Left Atrium.
63. I have a very healthy Right Atrium.
64. I have a super healthy Pulmonary Vein.
65. I have a very healthy and great Pulmonary Artery.
66. I have a great Artoa!
67. I have a very healthy Superior Vena Cava!
68. I have a very healthy Subdavian Artery!
69. I have a great and healthy Cephalic vein.
70. I have a very healthy Axilary Artery.
71. I have a great Descending Aorta.
72. I have a great Crachial Artery.
73. I have a very great Basilic Vein.
74. I have a great Median Cubital Vein.
75. I have a wonderful working Cephalic Vein.
76. I have a great and wonderful working Radial Artery.
77. I have a wonderful working Palmar Digital Veins.  
78.  My Dorsal Digital arteries work very very well!
79.  My Dorsal Venous Arch is looking good!
80.  My Dorsal Digital Vein works excellently.
81. My Dorsal Venous Arch is excellent!
82. My Anterior / Posterior Tibial Veins are excellent!
83. My Peroneal Artery is excellent!
84. My Posterior Tibial Artery is excellent!
85. My Anterior Tibial Artery works very well!
86. My Small Sapherious Vein works so very well!
87. The Popliteal Vein works so excellently!
88. My Popliteal Artery works so well!
89. My Femoral Vein works so well!
90. My Femoral Arteries work very excellently!
91. My Great Saphenous Vein works excellently!
92. My External Iliac veins work so excellently!
93. My External Iliac artery works so well as well!
94. My Internal Iliac Veins work top notch!
95. My Common Iliac Artery is super healthy!
96. My Common Iliac veins work to it's best potential!
97. My Gonadal Vein is excellent!
98. My Gonadal Artery works so well too!
99. My Renal Artery works to it's best!
100. My Renal Veins are excellent in every way!
101. My Hepatic Vein is great!
102. My Celiac trunk couldn't be any more awesome!
103. My Pulmonary Veins work so well!
104. My Pulmonary Arteries are top shipshape.
105.  Thankful to be a man of excellence!
106.  My Common Carotid Arteries are working perfectly!
107. My Internal Jugular vein is excellent!
108. My External Jugular vein is working so well!
109. My External Carotid Artery is very well!
110. My Internal Carotid Artery is immaculate!  
111. My Basilar Artery can't me any more superb!    
112. My Circulatory System works beyond excellently!  

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