Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finding Happiness

God has a specific plan and purpose for everybody, and he wraps it in a little thing we call:  "Happiness!"    
God has a specific purpose for us, and he places it in the center of our being so that we always know, that we know, that we know what we need to be up to.  That way we'll have it forever.  It was God's joy to wire us that way in the first place so no one would understand, but later they would and praise God for it!  
It's the joy in doing what we've always been gifted to do.  Yes, I mean if it's dancing, than it's dancing.  If opera, then opera.  If computers, then computers.  If it's baking, then baking!  None of these are wrong. I'm looking at a CD book right now entitled, "Delivering Happiness:  A Path To Profits, Passion, and Purpose."   The CEO of, Inc, Tony Hsieh talked about how his Taiwanese parents would pay for all his clothes and all he would ever need, if he just went for the MD to become a Doctor!   He didn't go for it, mostly because he wasn't convinced that getting that degree was the only way that he could find success.  In my opinion, his parents meant well, but they didn't get this principle:  God has already placed in that boy or that girl what they have been called specifically by Him to do.  How do we know?  We ask them!  What do you want to do?  What do you enjoy doing?   God made us to pursue the joy in our lives: the happiness in our lives breeds life for others.  The joy set in us by really obeying God's call to live with overflowing joy gives us more than enough to do everything God's created us to do!   That's why the Bible says, "For the JOY set before him, he endured the cross."  Only Jesus was powerfully anointed and joy-filled equipped to do this.  Was not easy!  But praise God for the JOY set before him to endure it for all of us on our behalf!   Just like how Jim Carey is joy-filled equipped to make people laugh or how it was Bill Gates joy to build technical devices we call computers.  I'm sure they don't have perfect days all the time, but the joy of doing what they love gives them great power and inspires countless people time and time again!  It's now up to us to find that joy.  Finding happiness:

I'm finding my community.   Yeah, it's pretty much settled.  Music is the place for's what I need to be doing.  It's not only where I lose the worry about life, but I encourage a crap loud of people as well!  Not only do I encourage people, but they greatly encourage me as well!  You know, I was talking with my dad today over coffee, and wo! Blessed!  It was just a blessing to hear about my dad and mom and how they dated and what it was like.  So great!  So as we were talking we chatted about how life is about enjoying your life.  If you are not enjoying your life, go and find your happiness!  If you are not enjoying your life, how do you expect anyone you're with to?  It's not (and never will be) their job to make you happy.  You need to find your happiness and your crowd will already be there waiting for you.  Everyone needs this.  We listen often to (fill in the blank) and we think (as we live miserably everyday) that that's the life for us.  Sad, sad, sad.   If you don't know happiness, it is impossible for you to share it with someone else.  That's how you know if you have it or now.  If you do, great...if not, chances are you're living in the shadows of somebody's life...that same somebody is NOT going to be around when you stand before the YOU KNOW WHO.   Go and find your joy.   Jesus did!   There were many people (relatives, friends, pharisees, society) that wanted or perhaps thought that he should live a certain way...Jesus frustrated some people that way.  He was free and happy.  People follow someone when they see he's free and happy, because they want to be free and happy as well.  Genuine joy can't be neglected.   It was exciting and purposeful around Jesus..and where there's excitement and purpose there's joy and happiness!   Go and find your happiness!  

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