Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Presence of God Brings Us into Wonderful New Habits

Happy Valentines Day! :D   

Today is a time for everything to think about love.  However, this is also a time that we might lose sense of what presence of love we want.   The presence of God and His love brings us into a new habit.   The presence of God interrupts every bad habit we have.  How?  God is sovereign and He rules on High!  It's not often our circumstances that causes us to be in despair  but it's what we THINK about our circumstances that causes the latter.  If we think another person is in control over how we feel, we give the person our joy, our hope, our dreams, and often we fall into depression because a man was never meant to carry that kind of power..the thought of a fallible person whose righteousness adds up to filthily rags in comparison to God's is depressing in and of itself.  But if we think about our circumstance in the presence of God, it interrupts our habit of falling into despair, thinking about our failures and all our shortcomings.  God's presence brings us into a place where we shift our thoughts over from circumstances and people to a God who is over control of them all!  When we shift our trust, sadness has to go!  The sad thing is, sometimes our bodies our so used to routine that it often becomes accustomed to having sadness there, and our of pride, doesn't want to lose it even for exchange of constant and increasing Joy in Christ Jesus alone!  We have to deny ourselves this type of sadness (as strange as it sounds! But our bodies our so tricky like that, we'll hold on to anything that's has been made a routine..which also means we can make new ones!) and keep holding to happiness in Christ Jesus who reigns in control over our lives in joy and ever increasing happiness forever!  God help us to deny ourselves of our prideful habits and lean on the joy of knowing your Son, and your Son alone.  May we find trust and contentment fully in Him this Valentines Day.  

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