Sunday, February 3, 2013

Turn Grocery Shopping into a Life-Change Experience!

There are unlimited blessings for you!   Saying that, what we put in our lives and our bodies is very important.  I noticed as I looked on the product counters in the aisles at the local grocery store that all of the highest of quality items are placed at the top, upper shelves.  Go look next time you enter the grocery store!  Look at the items at the top of each row.  They're at the top!  There's, of course, great purpose in this, I believe.  It's obvious that the items that most costumers shop for are in the center row, the cheapest at the bottom, and what's considered the most expensive or highest prices is normally at the top.

I have something to say to you now:  This is life!  This is what life is!  Everyday we stand in front of life (the food items on the counter); we stand in front of a food shelve, and we tell ourselves what is "for us" and what is not for us.   We decide and we take those items and I believe our lives reflect just that.  I challenge you to examine and look at the items you are choosing.  I bet you will be amazed at how you never stopped to even look at the top shelf, or maybe you never stopped to look down at the bottom shelf (good idea in my opinion), subconsciously thinking that, that area will "never be for you".    I dare you to look at that "top shelf" again, because that shelf IS for you!  You CAN afford it!  How do I know that?  Because God made you, and you are NOT of low quality.  In fact, there isn't anything about you that is of low quality!  You are a success!  You are an entrepreneur in your life!  The moment you start looking through eyes of quality, you'll be surprised at how many things of the greatest quality are around you now!   Try it at the grocery store!  Go there, have a budget, and get only items of highest quality..  Remember, it's not necessary about the price! Nor is it necessary about the quantity    It's about the attitude!  When you go in the grocery store, it's just like you're going into life!  I have a question:  Do you go in with a plan?  Do you have in mind what you want?  If so, what are they?   There's a big difference in what we allow in our lives to be of great quality and every week we have the opportunity to examine and allow great quality into our lives from our local grocery store, every day!  Remember, your attitude about life consciously or subconscious, reflect in EVERY area of your life right now.  The life of every person is very consistent actually according to how we choose to think.  In order to change this, we have to start somewhere!  Why not at your local grocery store! :)   Diagnose and see how your attitude guides your life.  It's amazing how your attitude will completely change the items you select at a local grocery store, but it's a great example of how we decide to live our every day lives.  What's ironic is, you might find that, with a budget, you can not spend less; and someone might say, "Well, J, that's cool for you, but I have a HUGE family and we just can't afford all that awesome quality stuff!" but here's something I want you to look at:   Have you ever had such a great meal that you  didn't want to ruin it by eating something of lesser quality?  The meal you ate made you feel so good that that burrito plopped in front of you in the evening just didn't look appealing to you anymore! That's the same with shopping for quality as opposed to only for quantity.  My father has always been one of the best for shopping at the grocery store.  My dad enjoyed it!  He loved to see what he could get, even of high quality, and still save on his grocery bill!  We quickly found that the satisfaction of knowing that you are of high quality and you are only allowing higher quality in your life, always gives you a sense of satisfaction and sensation of a positive attitude about success, big and small; and  the idea of quantity slowly seems of less importance to you and your family.

I know this may sound funny, but I usually gain weight when my refrigerator is empty!  Strange right!  It said that this is because when we feel a sense of lack, our attitude of quality goes out the door, and our bodies immediately go into survival mode and instantly go gathering quantity: get the most calories in you as you can because your body doesn't see food around.   The saying is true:  Quality is better than quantity.  We can't fool our bodies, our bodies know this better than we think.   Here's two things:  tell your body what you need to eat by surrounding yourself around great quality! What a great psychological reminder for yourself and for your body:  If we had time, I would associate this with other areas in our lives, but I will do that later..:)   You are of great quality, you are no going to "go hungry" ever!  You will never be "lacking"!  Remember, your body responds to your attitude every day!   A quality life will change hunger pains into a sense of satisfaction  contentment and fulfillment in your dietary life just by changing your attitude about life.   Try it out today and see what you are buying at the grocery store and why. Be HONEST with yourself!   You'll find some amazing discoveries about yourself.   Remember, our attitude about life reflects in EVERYTHING WE DO EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY.  So why not take a clear and easy test to see what we are thinking about our lives, and start by making small changes that will make a big difference.

I challenge you to go into the grocery store next time, and see what you think about the higher quality items...maybe you will try out buying only things of highest of quality.  If you do, don't do it for the price, nor worry about the quantity, but reflect on that fact that you ARE  of high quality and ONLY a high quality person who will ONLY allow highest of quality for you in your life :)  

Have a great day! :)  

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