Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What Price Are You Willing to Pay??

Are you willing to pay the price for what you want in life?   I got news for ya!  The two payments that many people neglect are these:  rest  and  rejoicing!   The Bible says, it's the "sacrifice of praise"   I hurts our pride when we smile sometimes because we think that we need to earn a smile..i guess?   But going around with a feeling of satisfaction  knowing that God has given you everything you need!  Complete contentment is a sacrifice of praise to the Lord!  God is great and good in your life is a sacrifice of praise!  Cheering up and just smiling knowing that every single thing is working for not just your regular good, but for the most powerful, awesome, surprising, astonishing greatest good in your life beyond your imagination and dreams ever!  Offer to God the sacrifice of praise!  And yes, fasting for years, praying, working over the clock is sometimes good, but nothing beats following Jesus and "just believing!"   When you read God's word remember God's intent for you and say to yourself, "My life is getting better and better every day and in every way; God's blessings are incredibly chasing me down every moment of my life!"  Become a champion at sharing joy, especially at times when you should be otherwise!  This is what the disciples did and they saw the exciting hand of God most High!  Get excited!  God is about to melt the cold frosty snow in your life!   Now, are you willing to pray the price??   Smile.  Be joyful in the morning!  Make a list of things you are super grateful for :)

Rest:  remember this.  Your body is not meant to work a tone none stop..Rest well!  I need to really remember this.  Sometimes the best rest is doing something you truly enjoy.  I feel for people who go to work everyday and neglect doing things that bring them real joy in their lives.  They go around wearing a plastic face, always thinking they have to "turn on the look" but the truth is the pain of their neglect is showing over the look they are giving.

But real rest is very important.  Go and do nothing, or don't let your mind get so serious all the time.  Think about stuff that you like or love to do, and don't you dare condemn yourself for thinking lightly for a day.  Give your mind a break.   Become a professional not only in your working field, but also in enjoying your life, in rejoicing, and especially in resting, so you can be fresh, ready and willing to bless others!  I don't know about you, but when I feel great I gotta share my feeling with others.  Go and share your joy with someone this week!  Have a great, great one!

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