Thursday, February 14, 2013

Yay! First Night Doing Stand Up Comedy! :D

Had my first experience doing comedy!  I am so thankful that I did it!  It reminded me of the thrill of life that I  still really, really need in my life!  I need to go out every single night and just do what I need to do!  Comedy,  Music Performances, Whatever seriously!  I also think about volunteering, at Adelante for example!  I need to be out there and JUST DO IT!   I'm like a dare devil sometimes.  But here's what I like about comedy:  It helps you to not only be open and honest about your life, but also to be in a sense clear, positive, and uplifting about your past, your present, your perspectives, and your future!  It's rich!  I saw people laugh at the things I had to say!  It rocked SERIOUSLY!   I know that the more I do it, the more I want and need to do it!  God is going to open doors that NO MAN CAN SHUT!   It's up to us to try.

What are some other ways, place I can get involved in???  

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