Friday, March 8, 2013

A Parent Destiny!! :)

We are parents and stewards of our own destinies.  Teach a child the way a child should think about his or herself and you will never have to teach them how they need to diet or treat others well.  Model for the child how they should think about themselves. A parent's number one job in this world is to teach a child how they must think about themselves.  This will solve many of life's problems.  We can do it! We can start now!  We are all parents of something.  We are all parents of our own legacy, dynasty, and destiny! This believe it or not, is fashioned and designed by God.   We all have our own "gardens" and we must tend to them.

I think sometime we wait for God when God is waiting for us.  What you you think if you saw a man with the sharpest ax in the world next to a tree that has a sign on it that says "Cut me down" on it and the man was saying to himself, "Gosh, I don't know what I'm supposed to do today!"  This is often us at times:  God has given each of us a signature and a doted line.  We sometimes waist time asking "What should we do?" when the answer is clear.  This might be because we often compare our lives to others.  It's frustrating trying to make your fingerprints look like someone else's.  That's because they will never match! You have a signature and a mark, and yes!  Even you must leave it on this world!  And no! It's not small!  Nothing God does is small work!  It's bigger than you could even dream or do on your own!  So we know what to do.  We need to take the initiative, look at our gifts, trust God and think for ourselves sometimes too.  Teach a child to trust God while thinking for themselves by example.  Remember, that a decision to move forward is a good decision and leave the consequences up to God.   You raise up your destiny when you trust God, think for yourself and give your destiny it's chance.

Remember: Though the whole world searches, they will never find or replace someone like you.  Your destiny is worth it!  :)

Have a great day! 

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