Friday, March 22, 2013

Love Must Rule Over All

I’m learning that love often refuses to work under the constraints of our practical and what we could call "rational" thinking.  The laws of love is love makes new laws and love conquerors all rules and regulations even though love is respectful of laws.  My problem was I though t love could work with my plans and goals but I can not have both my plans and goals and love because love is not a respecter of my goals and plans.  Love needs room to breathe and do it’s work.  Loves says, I’m sorry, I can not work under these very limited goals and regulations you have set for your life.  In order to have me to the full, you have to let me rule.   I am love and I do what I please.  Let love rule, but understand that it will not respect all of your practical ideas because love always has something fluid and better in mind.  Love has it’s own heart.  We need to follow the heart of love and let love ruin our plans.  Loves job is actually to “ruin” our old plans because love always has a better one.  God himself let love “ruin” the old ideas of religion and built upon it making the pathway for all men to experience the highest most powerful love man has ever known.  That’s how we know that love conquerors all.  God himself let love in.  God Himself let love rule and did not limit love.  God himself closed the gap. 

I had it all wrong when it came to relationships.  I thought I could keep my goals and my plans (which to some extend might or might not be plausible)  but the truth is, in order for love to really work and do what it’s come into your life to do (to transform you and make you even better as a person) then you must be willing to lay it all on the line, or lay it all down, otherwise love doesn’t work.  Love is jealous; it decides to work else where perhaps in other areas of your life, but even in those other areas of your life, they most certainly will involve people;  therefore, love still must have a place in your life, and that means all our practical ideas must take a backseat to letting love rule our hearts for others.   IT’S NOT RATIONAL.   Love doesn’t work under such constraints.   It’s always caring though and kind and giving and patience and enduring and life-giving and it never fails.  
I’m praying to let love rule my mind my heart and my soul today. 

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