Saturday, April 27, 2013

Make Your "I AM" List. :D

Make a list and say it to yourself:   Here's my list:

I am in Christ.
I am faithful, consistent  and I follow-up very well!
I am an excellent singer, song-writer and musician!
I cause people to enjoy themselves around me
I am effective.  I am productive.   I am focused.  I am Disciplined.  I am strong!
I am a person that heals others everyday.
I am a positive encourager!
I am very intelligent, intellectual, smart, and bold!
I am loved, accepted, I belong in a great way.
I am incredibly blessed in Christ!    
I am incredibly loved  and insane passion from God fills me every moment of the day!
I am rich! I am living the abundant life!
I am God's Master Piece.
I am super equipped.  I am MORE than able!
I am an excellent teacher.  I am an excellent role model.  I am so very prosperous!
I am bright!  I am witty!  I have God's wisdom.
I am very reliable, and responsible,
I have immeasurable worth!
I have a wonderful life with wonderful friends!
I have amazing friends!
I am great today, greater than any day before!
I am vibrant, radiant, and fresh!
I am new!
Today is my BEST day! :D

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