Monday, April 15, 2013

Move On!

Today I was trying to find my missing glove, looking, being frustrated, I decided to just say "whatever" and decided to get my socks and shoes on and forget about the other glove I was looking for.

No kidding, as I was putting on my socks and my shoes and casually looked to my left, and there was my other glove, just sitting there in the wide open, on the floor next to me.

What did I learn?  Forget about the college degree; forget about the career you lost;  forget about that relationship you lost;  forget about that item that was taken from you, and move on to the next step!

Last night I stumbled across a girl who decided to make youtube videos about her experience in South Korea.  She's there right and giving informative videos about her experience.  I admitted that I was dishearten and jealous at her because she had thousands of subscribers to her page and hundreds of thousands (almost a million) views collectively on her channel on youtube.   I was mostly dishearten because i knew that what i wanted to do but i wasn't disciplined enough to keep it up or maybe i wasn't organized enough or what have you.

But this is what God has to say.  Forget about it!  Move on to the next step.   My next step, after i would find my other glove was to put on my socks and put on my shoes.  Thank God I had the sense to forget about looking for my lost glove and move on to the next step!

I feel like God is telling you.  Move on to the next step and later on you will find that missing glove.  It will be right there waiting for you.  Just move on and forget about what you think was lost.   It's all waiting for you at the next step.  When you think you lost something, it doesn't mean you've lost it; it means they've gone ahead of you and are waiting for you at the next step!

Forget about what you left behind and move on to the next step today!  Pray to God and ask him how he wants you to live today and be joyful.  Something so great is coming ahead of you that, yes, it will surprise EVEN YOU.

God bless you.

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