Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tithing is Not Just About Money.

It's about acknowledging God in all you do.

God told his people, "you are robbing me"  He was referring to the Tithe.   But what is the tithe?  I don't want to rob God of all He wants to do in my life.  Let's think about this today.

I want you to think about what I'm going to say.   The tithe is the "first fruits" or the first ten percent of your resources.  Now think of it this way.  When you meet someone, that is a valuable experience.  When you enter into a home you were invited to, that is a very rich experience God has given to you.  This may be why we are encouraged to say, right at the start of our entering into a home: "Peace to this home".  The first fruits is not just about our money.  It's about acknowledging God in the FIRST.

We may lose a lot of out pouring of God's blessings if we only see giving to God the first fruits of only our financial income.  Often times, people give 10% of their money in church, not because they want to acknowledge God, but because they want God to give them more money!  They use it as a financial tactic to get more as though they can manipulate God into giving them more money for themselves.  But the tithe is not a tactic for getting more money or to "set things up" right with God entirely.  No.  The tithe is set up to teach us a way of life we should be living.  The tithe ought to remind us to be a people who acknowledge God first for all that we have, do and go through.  When you wake up in the morning, are you giving to God the first fruits of the day by thanking God for this day?  When you eat, do you stop to pray just to thank God for this food you are about to conceive?  When you start a friendship or a business or important event, do you acknowledge/honor God in some way?  That's giving to God your tithe!  Our finances are apart of it, but if we're not careful, we could miss out on the best part of tithing.

When you see someone, do you bless them with a godly hug, kiss, smile, a "God bless you", or even a small present or gift?  That's thanking God for the resource of incredible experiences that God has so graciously given you today.  Next time you enter into a place, stop and thank God to yourself for the experience you're going to have; and stop to bless those who invited you somehow: Maybe stop just to say something that will bring cheer to faces of those in the room.

 May God bless you to do this and give your "tithe" in all that you do; may you first acknowledge God in all that you do, thank him, give praise for what He is doing; there is no limit that God can do in your life!  Have an incredible day as you acknowledge God FIRST in all you do today.

God bless you. :)   

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

That's The Life! :)

The word "but" in a sentence is used to completely negate,  destroy, deflate, and completely annihilates whatever was said beforehand, for example, Jesus said, "In this world you will have trouble, BUT TAKE HEART! I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD!"

Which part of this verse you emphasize will determine the way you decide to live your life!  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ask God to Examine Your Heart Today :)

Today, I am making it clear that this blog is for focus on Christ alone.  I want to become better and better at fixing my eyes on the Best in my life; and that my friends is Christ.   I'm realizing that, as for me, it is not my "anointing" to focus on controversial issues.  For me, they are a distraction from what our hearts must always focus on which is Jesus Christ.

One of the greatest temptations I think we all have is the temptation to call evil what God calls good.  We are tempted to belittle those who speak to us and challenge our ways of thinking.  So many times, when we are corrected by others, we are very quick to belittle or even call that person evil, when the truth is they are encouraging us to examine our own hearts on matters in order to help us grow in Christ.  I had an interview with a wonderful church and a question came up about controversial issues.  They saw a post I had about controversial issues.   To have controversial issues is fine my here is my point:  At first I was tempted to think, "I can think and/or post about this or that if I want to.." but here is the real point:  Is that what I want to do with my blog??   Then I realized that with my answer that it is not my desire at all to raise or discuss controversial issues.  If other people do so, that is fine, but after I answered their question, I realized that I want to be someone who focuses solely on Christ and helps others do so as well.   I answered them, "We need to focus on Christ and not these issues." I also said, "I am not political".  Later I examined my motive in placing the post on my blog and I realized that even though I do not desire to be political, the post wasn't helpful for people to focus solely on Christ and it was political.   So I took it off, not because I was told to do so or even encouraged to, but rather, because I realized in my heart that it is contradictory to the person I am and the kind of blog I want to have.   Now, I thank God because I can say I have a clear focus for my blog to help others focus SOLELY on Christ and be encouraged in Christ alone in their lives.   I asked God to examine my heart and I was found to be contradictory and thank God for the sense He gives us to change our thinking to be more centered in Him and him alone.

So, why don't you ask God to examine your heart today.  Sometimes, when people correct us, it doesn't mean they are this or that. It usually means that God is helping them to help us grow in Christ Jesus.  Do not belittle or call evil what God is using to correct or examine your heart.

May God bless your heart today in Christ!  Healing is all yours today :)  

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Right Climate :)

Paying attention to what climate you work best in...  You may want to consider living in a location where that climate is constant so that you can be at peek performance constantly.   Some function better in the cold, some when it's hot, etc... Now, think about this:

The best climate that we can live in is under the climate of God's love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8a says,

Love is patient, love is kind.  It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.   Love never fails.

Under these climates, you are at peek performance.

God bless you, Today.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sowing and Reaping Trust

Pay close attention to what you are thinking about and pray about what kind of motive you may have for each, because as we sow we reap.  Pray to have noble causes for each of your concerns, then cast every care to the Lord in prayer.  The latter displays the importance of meditation on thinking about joy, trust, and other such qualities.  I thought about what may be good to sow:  Sowing leadership is important and will always be valuable.  Sowing trust is very important because I can always practice this with my Lord daily.  Be sure that what you sow personally in your own life you will reap.  And God know your heart and hears every little prayer.  The only expert that knows you're life more than you do is God.  Trust in Him more and more.  The more you learn to trust Him, the more you will see his hand guide you.

God bless your day today.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

You Will be a Great Example!

You will serve as an excellent example.  Pray for the power to do so and accept the grace of God.   The holy angels are surrounding you!  Remember, "As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people both now and forevermore."  Psalm 125:2

praying for more of your success than you can imagine now and forevermore.   

Friday, May 24, 2013

God Making All Things New

It's ironic how the older people get, the more we try to hold on to the old;  we people who know very little try to hold on to the old "familiar", and God who knows all things is more interested in making us new, daily.  I think that's one of the millions of reason's God made children how they are.   Kids are interested in the fresh and the new; they discover new things and are usually very excited about them.  Ever since I was a child, I loved change!  I loved it when our family was involved in anything new!  I loved the idea of playing a new game, moving to a new house (of course), anything new.  This continued on through my education and my job.  I loved dynamics to my job that made me think in a new fresh way that built upon what I had already gained.  

But I see that we must also have this kind of interest and die to the old desires and thoughts that so easily sticks to the old and we must cling to God who is catapulting us on to the new thing God is doing.  The bigger more amazing thing God is opening our hearts to is the fresh, even very exciting thing that God wants us to take interest in.  God is often more excited about our lives than we could ever be.   Take God's hand and let him show you his new perspectives through prayer, fasting, worship, discipline and God's word. Our God is faithful and very eager to tell you his will for your life daily.  Listen to what his word says about you.  You will be quickly confused when you compare God's word with the things people say on the radio, the T.V., the news, the media, and even people who are in your circle of influence.  This is your ship that God is stirring; don't let anyone but God stir your ship through the word of God; always test through prayer and his word what people say.  We can trust others only when we are at peace and rest with the powerful work God is doing in our lives as well.

Finally, let God transform you from the head / mind / brain and down.  Let him change the paradigms you've been keeping in your mind.  For example, when looking for that special someone, God may convict your heart to stop looking to make a "couple" and start praying for how God wants you to start making a "home". The difference in the way you see your future romantic relationship (as just a "couple" or "romantic interest" or a "home")  will determine the way you treat the woman or the man of your life drastically.   Let God show you how we should think about our jobs, our families, our legacy (a.k.a. our careers), etc...Keep thinking, dreaming, hoping big!  Keep your wide and large vision!    You must depend on God because He is the one always keeping the fresh perspective.  Amazingly, God's wisdom doesn't help us to see things out of experience, but rather to disregard our experiences to see all things made new!  That's amazing!!   Only love can help us have such a fresh perspective, and it also involves putting down a lot of pride.  Pride depends heavily on experience   Humility disowns experience in order to depend heavily on God's guidance.  

God has plans great great great great beyond this world plans for each of us.  We must learn how to let him accomplish those plans in us.  Let go of the plans that tells us that we know something about what we absolutely need.  We haven't been to all the countries on this planet, we haven't seen all the species God's created, we haven't personally seen every star in the universe, but God has.  Keep a fresh perspective.  God is making all things new.  Are you humbled yet?  Sometimes, that should be our only pray until you stand in awe of God!

Have a blessed day!  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I See You Putting Jesus on BLAST in your life!!!

There was a spirit telling me that if I spoke about God out loud, the enemy would be upset and something bad was going to happen to me!  Do you ever believe those kind of lies, or superstitious thoughts that if you do this, then this might be your demise?   Listen, it is a lie!  Greater is He that is in YOU than he would is in the world.  The devil has NO power what so ever except for the power you LET him have!  Now, God has so much more power!  Let Him work immensely in your life, and SMILE! :)

I am a curse breaker in my family!  Christ in me is the cause of my parents being more and more on fire for Christ and his mercy!   Christ in me is the cause of my sisters being blessed wives of godly men, and the greatest mothers of godly children in Jesus!   Christ in me is responsible for all my family members having incredible careers and influential citizens in the cities where we live in Jesus' name!!!

Now is the time to speak up!  Speak up and talk about those dream OUT LOUD with your loved ones!!

It's OK to have 100% confidence  that I will be serving JESUS CHRIST until my very last day when I take my very last breath on this earth.  No, I do not have one foot on one side of the door and the other in the hall way!  I'm set ON FIRE for Christ!

God sent me to the places He's sent me for a reason!  I will not be generic!  I will be original as God made me!  God knew that success is in Christ!

I'm going to put Jesus on BLAST and the devil can't get anything but UPSET!!!  LET'S GO!!!!

Praise You Jesus! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nothing Else is Happening...

You want to make sure you are there.  It's happening!  I'm warning you and telling you now.  You are apart of something really big.  Bigger than you've ever dreamed or imagined!

The Apostles are teaching us how to live:  How to meditate on the greatest!  What is the greatest?  The Cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest!  Jesus' life.   How he lived and died for us and how he rose again all according to scriptures, years and years and years past.

God wants us to meditate on the eternal and everything remotely related because the things that are eternal are the things of God because God is eternal.  Love and all things lovely are eternal.   Grace in Jesus Christ is eternal.  There is eternally more to meditate on and enough to keep you busy till eternal forces it's way into your life through the gateway called death.   Jesus entered and now has the keys so that death has no sting; it's only an instrument to host all in Christ to eternal paradise in Him alone.  It makes sense that it is in Christ. there is no other who expressed and displayed no love higher.  He is of the HIGHEST love.  Heaven is of the Highest and Jesus who has all authority provided us with the way to paradise FOR FREE.  It is a gift of God by grace so that no body can boast.

So we walk in the promises of no tomorrow.  We practice change in the way we've been raised to think as kids; we radically change the way we exist on this earth, sowing in the spirit, and living in love in Christ.  What does this involve?   Praise, prayer, the Word of God.

So begin your day with a spirit diet:  Say "Thank you God" This is simply what godly men and women do.  There is nothing greater than Christ.   What we need to live this life is Christ and...nothing else!   Think about that NOTHING for a second.  It's your key to dependence on Christ.  Think of your needs and then be reminded that If you have Christ, you need NOTHING ELSE.   Nothing else for happiness, nothing else for wisdom, nothing else even for knowledge, all you need is Christ and....nothing else!   Depend on Christ for intelligence, for discipline, for wisdom, for your failures, when you fall, when you are praised, when everybody looks up to you, when you are popular, when no one wants to be around you, when everybody loves you,...Depend on Christ.  

When you are around your friends, family, let love shine...this isn't with words all the time, but don't hesitate to talk about Christ to your loved ones and pray for them.

Please pray for my friend, James, from Bible study.  He prays for the ability to sleep tonight as he has problems sleeping on hot nights.  

God bless you today.    

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Blind Seas Obey

There are so many who are being changed by the word of God in Today's times.  People are being transformed and renewed in their minds.  People are setting their minds on things above. 

I received a revelation from God about the blind man.  Have you ever heard of a blind sea?  I thought about how the seas don't see, but even they, including the wind and the skies, obey Jesus.  How much more should we. 

Let's obey Jesus and accept the overflowingly abundance of life with Him and Him alone, today :) 

May God doubly bless your name!  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Which Would You Rather Be??

I find it so ironic that my Lord, Jesus, never played an instrument in his life, but for century after century people have cause others to aspire picking up the guitar and inspire others through song.  Have you chosen to pick up your instrument and play it for Jesus? 

Here's a question: Would you rather be a hero trying to be a regular person, or a regular person trying to be a hero?  Are they equal? 

Would you rather pick up an instrument and play it for 90 years, or inspire millions to perform years beyond your life for a greater purpose? 

I know, it's still early in the morning, but think about this:  Your life is right in front of you.  :)

When I was younger, I wanted to have done every thrilling adventure possible before I die, for what satisfaction, I'm not sure of to this day.., but now I'm learning that the greatest thrill, the greatest goal in life, and the greatest satisfaction comes from when we have the great privilege of inspiring others to live and to do and to reach feats you and I as one person could never do or make on our own. 

We desire to inspire others.  Our hearts want to help others to aspire all kinds of aspiring professions, feats, goals, and limitless positive imagination.  This comes only through Jesus Christ and by living a life that honors God first.

Do you know what we all have in common if you're reading this today?  We all have this day. We all have today!  We all have the choice to put God first.  How do we do this?  Let's start with prayer:   Would you pray with me? 

Dear God,

I know I'm a sinner, but thank you for sending your One and Only Son, Jesus to die in my place and take His rightful place next to You in glory.  I pray Lord, that I make YOU Number One in my life today!  Be my Lord and King.  I trust You with ALL my heart!  Thank you so much for your love for me and choosing me to bless others lives.  I lovey you. 

Have a very precious day!  And please let me or someone, a friend or loved one know that you prayed this prayer today! I know all the heavens are smiling at what you prayed to God and I know whoever who hears will smile as well! 

Have a blessed day!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Do What You Do with ATTITUDE!

Do what you do what FULL 100% ATTITUDE! 

It's often not what you do that makes the difference.  IT'S HOW YOU DO IT!  You watch Youtube videos, you will see people doing pretty regular things...but it's just HOW they are doing it that makes all the difference! 

Look at any video that is popular.  You see a man talking with a T.V. reporter, a cat walking down the street, a person eating a cheeseburger in his car, a man singing a song in the camera, these are all pretty boring when you mention it that way..but watch how they are doing it.   

Whatever we are doing, let's start giving alittle ATTITUDE people ;)   Put your heart into it so people can remember you were in the building!  Not only for that reason, but you have a human responsiblity to do so! :)   Not even for that reason, but people are (I believe) more hungry for inspiration than they are for food!   Have you ever been so inspired that you forgot about what you were doing?  An inspiring song can turn a regular dinner into a night to remember. 

What am I saying?  Communicate with your heart when you work, when you walk down the street, say what's overflowing from your heart and just be out there about it!  It's your time and your day!  Perform like it's only you and God who is give the most amazing smile at you right now! 

Just love what you do with all your heart! You'll get back more than you ever dreamed you would!  That's how you turn a regular day/event into something golden.   

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Morning Running Reminds me of...

Running in the morning reminds me…

Running reminds me who I am and who we are as human beings in God’s love:  We are champions. 
It reminds me that this is not just an ordinary day.
It reminds me of the potential of this day. 
It reminds me of the opportunities of this day.
Reminds me that we are capable of great things EVERY DAY.  
Reminds me that every day is unique, great and a special gift from God.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

God's Will Is Big in the Small :)

God's will for YOU is big!!   God's will is super big in little you! :)  Know this!!   No thing can ever come against the belief that's so deep in your heart that it goes over your head!   God has blessed you in every way today!  No thing, no worry, not even (and especially  what other people think will ever stand against, but instead will be a witness to the goodness and grace and mercy of God in your life!  Remember: God is good and His good ways are so much higher of good for you than you could ever imagine for your life!    He is better than what you think!  God is "gooder"  than want you think!  He is amazing in the ways he thinks about you!  He smiles and shouts with delight at you!   That's the power of God in your life today!

Now, I want you to do at least two of the following, but do it in COMPLETE CONFIDENCE:

1. Be still and know that He, GOD is GOD!   God is good and great in you life not only today, but I want you to know:  IN THIS MOMENT!  And brighter and brighter seven fold in each and every moment.

2.  Go and act as if God has already answered your prayers.  That's your faith in action!   Do you want to be a performing artist??   Go to the stage as if a million people are already subscribed to you as your greatest fan next to our loving God Himself.

3. Smile more often, that is the sign of victory (read psalm 112)

God bless you today and go in peace!


Remember, God is BIG in the small!  Think about it!  The greatest things you will ever do in your ENTIRE LIFE all comes from an invisible almost inaudible breath of air that you take, one moment at a time.  Remember that.  God works like that.  Let your belief be the breath that you take and know God is the air you breathe in every moment of your life bringing you to know that He is God and He is your victory.   Acknowledge Him in the small things so that people will acknowledge Him when they see you victorious in the big things!   God bless you today.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I SEE Jesus IN YOU today!

Out of all the new philosophies of today:

Your energy, your aura  the universe, your essence, your frequency...none can hold a candle to seeing Jesus in a person.

I see the light of the world in you today!

I see the love that transforms the world in you today!

I see the King of kings and Lord of lords shining through you today!!

He's keeping the light on for all those around you

I see Jesus in you today!

God bless you today.  

Friday, May 3, 2013

You Will Change The World!!

Change begins when we allow God to rule the way He wants in our lives.

Then you realize that you are bigger than your television showing all those movie stars.  

Then you see you have greater information inside of you than any smart cell phone.  Smart phones can't talk to the Living God and God hear them.

Then you realize that your prayers; the breath from your lungs was the spark that changed the world.

Then you realize that you are the bomb!  You are God's love bomb; and when you go off, WATCH OUT!!  Because God will hear and the whole world will take an account and find itself TRANSFORMED COMPLETELY!  God WILL transform this world through YOU!

YOU WERE BORN AND MADE POWERFUL IN HIM.    In Him you are more powerful than any atom bomb.

REMEMBER:  YOU DON'T WATCH OUT FOR BOMBS.  BOMBS NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR YOU!   Because when you go off.....the impact is fact so big the world and universe as we know it can not hold it.   That is why God made the Heavens.  You go on to something greater, but you will change the hearts of all men. You are greater because of the One who is in you.  If it wasn't for your body shell, this world wouldn't be able to hold you because you are greater in worth than this entire universe.   Think about how large you were really made.  You have changed the world and the proof is in your birth.  

God bless you.