Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ask God to Examine Your Heart Today :)

Today, I am making it clear that this blog is for focus on Christ alone.  I want to become better and better at fixing my eyes on the Best in my life; and that my friends is Christ.   I'm realizing that, as for me, it is not my "anointing" to focus on controversial issues.  For me, they are a distraction from what our hearts must always focus on which is Jesus Christ.

One of the greatest temptations I think we all have is the temptation to call evil what God calls good.  We are tempted to belittle those who speak to us and challenge our ways of thinking.  So many times, when we are corrected by others, we are very quick to belittle or even call that person evil, when the truth is they are encouraging us to examine our own hearts on matters in order to help us grow in Christ.  I had an interview with a wonderful church and a question came up about controversial issues.  They saw a post I had about controversial issues.   To have controversial issues is fine my here is my point:  At first I was tempted to think, "I can think and/or post about this or that if I want to.." but here is the real point:  Is that what I want to do with my blog??   Then I realized that with my answer that it is not my desire at all to raise or discuss controversial issues.  If other people do so, that is fine, but after I answered their question, I realized that I want to be someone who focuses solely on Christ and helps others do so as well.   I answered them, "We need to focus on Christ and not these issues." I also said, "I am not political".  Later I examined my motive in placing the post on my blog and I realized that even though I do not desire to be political, the post wasn't helpful for people to focus solely on Christ and it was political.   So I took it off, not because I was told to do so or even encouraged to, but rather, because I realized in my heart that it is contradictory to the person I am and the kind of blog I want to have.   Now, I thank God because I can say I have a clear focus for my blog to help others focus SOLELY on Christ and be encouraged in Christ alone in their lives.   I asked God to examine my heart and I was found to be contradictory and thank God for the sense He gives us to change our thinking to be more centered in Him and him alone.

So, why don't you ask God to examine your heart today.  Sometimes, when people correct us, it doesn't mean they are this or that. It usually means that God is helping them to help us grow in Christ Jesus.  Do not belittle or call evil what God is using to correct or examine your heart.

May God bless your heart today in Christ!  Healing is all yours today :)  

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