Thursday, May 16, 2013

Do What You Do with ATTITUDE!

Do what you do what FULL 100% ATTITUDE! 

It's often not what you do that makes the difference.  IT'S HOW YOU DO IT!  You watch Youtube videos, you will see people doing pretty regular things...but it's just HOW they are doing it that makes all the difference! 

Look at any video that is popular.  You see a man talking with a T.V. reporter, a cat walking down the street, a person eating a cheeseburger in his car, a man singing a song in the camera, these are all pretty boring when you mention it that way..but watch how they are doing it.   

Whatever we are doing, let's start giving alittle ATTITUDE people ;)   Put your heart into it so people can remember you were in the building!  Not only for that reason, but you have a human responsiblity to do so! :)   Not even for that reason, but people are (I believe) more hungry for inspiration than they are for food!   Have you ever been so inspired that you forgot about what you were doing?  An inspiring song can turn a regular dinner into a night to remember. 

What am I saying?  Communicate with your heart when you work, when you walk down the street, say what's overflowing from your heart and just be out there about it!  It's your time and your day!  Perform like it's only you and God who is give the most amazing smile at you right now! 

Just love what you do with all your heart! You'll get back more than you ever dreamed you would!  That's how you turn a regular day/event into something golden.   

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