Friday, May 24, 2013

God Making All Things New

It's ironic how the older people get, the more we try to hold on to the old;  we people who know very little try to hold on to the old "familiar", and God who knows all things is more interested in making us new, daily.  I think that's one of the millions of reason's God made children how they are.   Kids are interested in the fresh and the new; they discover new things and are usually very excited about them.  Ever since I was a child, I loved change!  I loved it when our family was involved in anything new!  I loved the idea of playing a new game, moving to a new house (of course), anything new.  This continued on through my education and my job.  I loved dynamics to my job that made me think in a new fresh way that built upon what I had already gained.  

But I see that we must also have this kind of interest and die to the old desires and thoughts that so easily sticks to the old and we must cling to God who is catapulting us on to the new thing God is doing.  The bigger more amazing thing God is opening our hearts to is the fresh, even very exciting thing that God wants us to take interest in.  God is often more excited about our lives than we could ever be.   Take God's hand and let him show you his new perspectives through prayer, fasting, worship, discipline and God's word. Our God is faithful and very eager to tell you his will for your life daily.  Listen to what his word says about you.  You will be quickly confused when you compare God's word with the things people say on the radio, the T.V., the news, the media, and even people who are in your circle of influence.  This is your ship that God is stirring; don't let anyone but God stir your ship through the word of God; always test through prayer and his word what people say.  We can trust others only when we are at peace and rest with the powerful work God is doing in our lives as well.

Finally, let God transform you from the head / mind / brain and down.  Let him change the paradigms you've been keeping in your mind.  For example, when looking for that special someone, God may convict your heart to stop looking to make a "couple" and start praying for how God wants you to start making a "home". The difference in the way you see your future romantic relationship (as just a "couple" or "romantic interest" or a "home")  will determine the way you treat the woman or the man of your life drastically.   Let God show you how we should think about our jobs, our families, our legacy (a.k.a. our careers), etc...Keep thinking, dreaming, hoping big!  Keep your wide and large vision!    You must depend on God because He is the one always keeping the fresh perspective.  Amazingly, God's wisdom doesn't help us to see things out of experience, but rather to disregard our experiences to see all things made new!  That's amazing!!   Only love can help us have such a fresh perspective, and it also involves putting down a lot of pride.  Pride depends heavily on experience   Humility disowns experience in order to depend heavily on God's guidance.  

God has plans great great great great beyond this world plans for each of us.  We must learn how to let him accomplish those plans in us.  Let go of the plans that tells us that we know something about what we absolutely need.  We haven't been to all the countries on this planet, we haven't seen all the species God's created, we haven't personally seen every star in the universe, but God has.  Keep a fresh perspective.  God is making all things new.  Are you humbled yet?  Sometimes, that should be our only pray until you stand in awe of God!

Have a blessed day!  

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