Sunday, May 12, 2013

God's Will Is Big in the Small :)

God's will for YOU is big!!   God's will is super big in little you! :)  Know this!!   No thing can ever come against the belief that's so deep in your heart that it goes over your head!   God has blessed you in every way today!  No thing, no worry, not even (and especially  what other people think will ever stand against, but instead will be a witness to the goodness and grace and mercy of God in your life!  Remember: God is good and His good ways are so much higher of good for you than you could ever imagine for your life!    He is better than what you think!  God is "gooder"  than want you think!  He is amazing in the ways he thinks about you!  He smiles and shouts with delight at you!   That's the power of God in your life today!

Now, I want you to do at least two of the following, but do it in COMPLETE CONFIDENCE:

1. Be still and know that He, GOD is GOD!   God is good and great in you life not only today, but I want you to know:  IN THIS MOMENT!  And brighter and brighter seven fold in each and every moment.

2.  Go and act as if God has already answered your prayers.  That's your faith in action!   Do you want to be a performing artist??   Go to the stage as if a million people are already subscribed to you as your greatest fan next to our loving God Himself.

3. Smile more often, that is the sign of victory (read psalm 112)

God bless you today and go in peace!


Remember, God is BIG in the small!  Think about it!  The greatest things you will ever do in your ENTIRE LIFE all comes from an invisible almost inaudible breath of air that you take, one moment at a time.  Remember that.  God works like that.  Let your belief be the breath that you take and know God is the air you breathe in every moment of your life bringing you to know that He is God and He is your victory.   Acknowledge Him in the small things so that people will acknowledge Him when they see you victorious in the big things!   God bless you today.

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