Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nothing Else is Happening...

You want to make sure you are there.  It's happening!  I'm warning you and telling you now.  You are apart of something really big.  Bigger than you've ever dreamed or imagined!

The Apostles are teaching us how to live:  How to meditate on the greatest!  What is the greatest?  The Cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest!  Jesus' life.   How he lived and died for us and how he rose again all according to scriptures, years and years and years past.

God wants us to meditate on the eternal and everything remotely related because the things that are eternal are the things of God because God is eternal.  Love and all things lovely are eternal.   Grace in Jesus Christ is eternal.  There is eternally more to meditate on and enough to keep you busy till eternal forces it's way into your life through the gateway called death.   Jesus entered and now has the keys so that death has no sting; it's only an instrument to host all in Christ to eternal paradise in Him alone.  It makes sense that it is in Christ. there is no other who expressed and displayed no love higher.  He is of the HIGHEST love.  Heaven is of the Highest and Jesus who has all authority provided us with the way to paradise FOR FREE.  It is a gift of God by grace so that no body can boast.

So we walk in the promises of no tomorrow.  We practice change in the way we've been raised to think as kids; we radically change the way we exist on this earth, sowing in the spirit, and living in love in Christ.  What does this involve?   Praise, prayer, the Word of God.

So begin your day with a spirit diet:  Say "Thank you God" This is simply what godly men and women do.  There is nothing greater than Christ.   What we need to live this life is Christ and...nothing else!   Think about that NOTHING for a second.  It's your key to dependence on Christ.  Think of your needs and then be reminded that If you have Christ, you need NOTHING ELSE.   Nothing else for happiness, nothing else for wisdom, nothing else even for knowledge, all you need is Christ and....nothing else!   Depend on Christ for intelligence, for discipline, for wisdom, for your failures, when you fall, when you are praised, when everybody looks up to you, when you are popular, when no one wants to be around you, when everybody loves you,...Depend on Christ.  

When you are around your friends, family, let love shine...this isn't with words all the time, but don't hesitate to talk about Christ to your loved ones and pray for them.

Please pray for my friend, James, from Bible study.  He prays for the ability to sleep tonight as he has problems sleeping on hot nights.  

God bless you today.    

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