Thursday, May 23, 2013

I See You Putting Jesus on BLAST in your life!!!

There was a spirit telling me that if I spoke about God out loud, the enemy would be upset and something bad was going to happen to me!  Do you ever believe those kind of lies, or superstitious thoughts that if you do this, then this might be your demise?   Listen, it is a lie!  Greater is He that is in YOU than he would is in the world.  The devil has NO power what so ever except for the power you LET him have!  Now, God has so much more power!  Let Him work immensely in your life, and SMILE! :)

I am a curse breaker in my family!  Christ in me is the cause of my parents being more and more on fire for Christ and his mercy!   Christ in me is the cause of my sisters being blessed wives of godly men, and the greatest mothers of godly children in Jesus!   Christ in me is responsible for all my family members having incredible careers and influential citizens in the cities where we live in Jesus' name!!!

Now is the time to speak up!  Speak up and talk about those dream OUT LOUD with your loved ones!!

It's OK to have 100% confidence  that I will be serving JESUS CHRIST until my very last day when I take my very last breath on this earth.  No, I do not have one foot on one side of the door and the other in the hall way!  I'm set ON FIRE for Christ!

God sent me to the places He's sent me for a reason!  I will not be generic!  I will be original as God made me!  God knew that success is in Christ!

I'm going to put Jesus on BLAST and the devil can't get anything but UPSET!!!  LET'S GO!!!!

Praise You Jesus! 

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