Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tithing is Not Just About Money.

It's about acknowledging God in all you do.

God told his people, "you are robbing me"  He was referring to the Tithe.   But what is the tithe?  I don't want to rob God of all He wants to do in my life.  Let's think about this today.

I want you to think about what I'm going to say.   The tithe is the "first fruits" or the first ten percent of your resources.  Now think of it this way.  When you meet someone, that is a valuable experience.  When you enter into a home you were invited to, that is a very rich experience God has given to you.  This may be why we are encouraged to say, right at the start of our entering into a home: "Peace to this home".  The first fruits is not just about our money.  It's about acknowledging God in the FIRST.

We may lose a lot of out pouring of God's blessings if we only see giving to God the first fruits of only our financial income.  Often times, people give 10% of their money in church, not because they want to acknowledge God, but because they want God to give them more money!  They use it as a financial tactic to get more as though they can manipulate God into giving them more money for themselves.  But the tithe is not a tactic for getting more money or to "set things up" right with God entirely.  No.  The tithe is set up to teach us a way of life we should be living.  The tithe ought to remind us to be a people who acknowledge God first for all that we have, do and go through.  When you wake up in the morning, are you giving to God the first fruits of the day by thanking God for this day?  When you eat, do you stop to pray just to thank God for this food you are about to conceive?  When you start a friendship or a business or important event, do you acknowledge/honor God in some way?  That's giving to God your tithe!  Our finances are apart of it, but if we're not careful, we could miss out on the best part of tithing.

When you see someone, do you bless them with a godly hug, kiss, smile, a "God bless you", or even a small present or gift?  That's thanking God for the resource of incredible experiences that God has so graciously given you today.  Next time you enter into a place, stop and thank God to yourself for the experience you're going to have; and stop to bless those who invited you somehow: Maybe stop just to say something that will bring cheer to faces of those in the room.

 May God bless you to do this and give your "tithe" in all that you do; may you first acknowledge God in all that you do, thank him, give praise for what He is doing; there is no limit that God can do in your life!  Have an incredible day as you acknowledge God FIRST in all you do today.

God bless you. :)   

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