Friday, May 3, 2013

You Will Change The World!!

Change begins when we allow God to rule the way He wants in our lives.

Then you realize that you are bigger than your television showing all those movie stars.  

Then you see you have greater information inside of you than any smart cell phone.  Smart phones can't talk to the Living God and God hear them.

Then you realize that your prayers; the breath from your lungs was the spark that changed the world.

Then you realize that you are the bomb!  You are God's love bomb; and when you go off, WATCH OUT!!  Because God will hear and the whole world will take an account and find itself TRANSFORMED COMPLETELY!  God WILL transform this world through YOU!

YOU WERE BORN AND MADE POWERFUL IN HIM.    In Him you are more powerful than any atom bomb.

REMEMBER:  YOU DON'T WATCH OUT FOR BOMBS.  BOMBS NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR YOU!   Because when you go off.....the impact is fact so big the world and universe as we know it can not hold it.   That is why God made the Heavens.  You go on to something greater, but you will change the hearts of all men. You are greater because of the One who is in you.  If it wasn't for your body shell, this world wouldn't be able to hold you because you are greater in worth than this entire universe.   Think about how large you were really made.  You have changed the world and the proof is in your birth.  

God bless you.

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