Saturday, June 15, 2013

Grace Will Take Me Further :)

I was striving to lose weight so much, partly just to live a healthy life, but also because I wanted prove to God that I was spiritual by fasting from food thinking that if I did, I could manipulate God to give me more and more favor and blessings in my life, which is good, but how many of you know that fasting to get a promotion at work and just down right buckling down and developing the practical discipline to accomplish your tasks at work are two different things?  So then I'd see these very over weight black preachers preaching the kingdom of God and just tearing up the place with the abundant message from the Lord, I began to notice...Wow, the grace of God is sufficient!  I don't need to do this or that to have the abundant anointing of God over my life.  I just need to receive it!   I began to learn that it's not really about what we can do to "get God to"  bless our anointing or give us favor.  It's about accepting what God already gave to us:  Everything, through His one and only Son.  Jesus made the entire sacrifice for us all, anything else is an insult to God!  It's really not about us adding on ANYTHING to this;  it's really about us humbling ourselves and accepting all that God gave and taking in all the abundance that he has for us.  Let's pray together and make a promise to yourself that you will live a happy, and blessed, and full life today!  I still want to live healthy and stay in shape, but it gives me great peace to know that I don't have to in order to know that God is smiling down on me RIGHT NOW!  He just loves me so much!  Wow, how He so greatly loves us!   Every spiritual blessing is all in you now in Christ, just say thank you and show who you are in Christ.  Chose to be happy in who God made you to be! He's got you in the palm of His hand!  Nothing can snatch you from His hand! Smile and shout for joy because you are incredibly, stunningly, and brighter-than-the-sun BEAUTIFUL in God's sight!

Grace is bigger and better in you today!  Look for ways to display God's grace in your life today!  Grace is the cap on the jelly other words, it's the completion of all things!  It's what also gives power to your entire life.  Start thinking about where you would be if it wasn't for the grace of God in your life.  Throw off anything in your life that does not reflect the grace of God in your life.  I love my sister, Tiffanie, because she is the most graceful person I have ever met.  We were both opposites.  I was always so up tight and living like a had a big rock up my butt!  And she was always having friends around her and so fancy free, laughing, enjoying life!  I want to be more like her.  Love you sis!


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