Monday, June 10, 2013

I Saw satan's kingdom Crumbling!

Today I saw saw satan's kingdom crumbling completely!  The door of opportunities is WIDE OPEN and the door of yesterday, God has shut COMPLETELY!   What does that mean?

That means this:  We will see those days of yesterday NO MORE!  That means there will be no days after today that you will see of the same or lower level of greatness, of prosperity, of richness, of influence, of God's honor:  Mark the word of the Lord:  Never Again!  That is what that means my beloved children of the Most High and family. We can boast now in the Lord!  For He has delivered us from the snare!  From worry, from doubt, from dread!  They are defeated in every corner of our lives and they are no more!  All has seen and are AMAZED!   You will see it with your own eyes!  

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