Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Learn to Unlearn In Your Life

I am spending the rest of my life "unlearning things"  

When we are born we are born with more than what we need to be all God calls us to be.  In school and in society, we learn things, but most of which principals are like weight we attached that are unneeded.   We are fearless by design; born fearless; made to fear only God alone; none beside Him!  Now we learn that there are rediscovering the truth and taking off the lies.  We were not made to carry on weights and the things that are not right in front of us.  We carry in our minds things I like to call "the armor of the mind."  We carry thoughts and worries that bring us temporary comfort and long-term stress ( the plans we make without God). That is why we must fix our eyes on what is most important: Jesus and what he did for us once and for all.  

There are many things to learn, but they will do us no good if we do not first unlearn what needs to be unlearned.  Take off our man made armor and put on the armor of God!   (Ephesians 6:10-18) I'm talking about in order to learn how to consistently live with peace, joy, kindness, gentleness, patience, long-suffering, and self-control, we must first take off all that doesn't apply to these. Good news: as we put on Christ, God's armor makes us fearless under Christ and mans' heavy armor instantly falls off! 

Let us put on Christ today.  We must constantly take off the old armor and put on the new!  As the day comes at you, artificial armor will try to attach itself to you; prayer is the "instant removal" of adhesive that takes off all extra weights so you can be fearless in Christ again and again.  Put on the supernaturally organic and original, all powerful armor of the Most High Today!  Time to go back to the basics!  Go back to what really counts! 

God bless you!  :)  

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