Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Swing Your Arms!

When running: swing your arms!

I found that the symbolism is very important:  to swing softly is communicating survival (I just want to make it) mentality.   Swing big!  This is communicating not a surviving but a thriving mentality that basically says: "I'm thriving and GET OUT MY WAY!"   It's also giving your body a better workout, and making your faster, stronger, and better.   When you swing your arms when running it also empowers your focus and determination that not only will you hit the goal, but you will hit the mark faster and better than you did yesterday.  So SWING YOUR ARMS!   When you are doing whatever you do "Swing your arms" so to speak.  Display determination and do what you do with power, after all, your body is the body of the Most High.   You are God's instrument, workman ship and Poet Tree (Is. 61:3).   Point to your obstacle and tell it "Get out of my way!"  Say it strong!  You are royalty, sons and daughters of the Living God Most High!
You WILL have a more than conquerors day today!

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