Saturday, June 1, 2013

Take Up Your Mat and Walk! What is Our Mat?

The Lord, Jesus said to many "take up your mat and walk!"  
The people took up their mat and walked their mat back home.  Many of us are sitting on our mat. We are comfortable with it; it is the symbol of our position of sitting; it's a reminder of what we believe.  Jesus says, "I tell you, pick up your mat and walk!"  OUR MAT ARE OUR EXCUSES.   We are comfortable because of our excuses. We are sitting on them and they make us comfortable.  If anyone asks us why we are not doing marvelous things for Christ we just tell them to look at our mat...But Jesus said, "Do you want to live an extraordinary life!?"  He says,  "I TELL YOU, PICK UP YOUR MAT, AND WALK!"    Whether it is the right time are not!  You don't have a "right" to sit!   As you go you will see marvelous things and the things that you fretted will flee in seven directions as you go!  So go walk and be and see healing!

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