Monday, June 10, 2013

The Blessing of being Accountable :)

There is a great blessing in being accountable.  Some might say, "Well, I don't care what other people think; I'm going to just do whatever I want and people should be ok with that."  There are two things wrong with that comment.  1.  what you do does affect others whether you think so or not.  2.  Therefore, everything you do (and don't do)  is very important.  3.  Getting past this kind of thinking is apart of really growing up.  Growing up doesn't have anything to do with doing whatever you want to do, like what we believed when we were young.  No, growing up is understanding that you are a significant contributor and have accountability to the community that raised you in the first place; it's understanding that you are apart of a society that God has predetermined for you to be a blessing to whether you'd like to think so or not.

But I thought about that blessing of accountability; recently, I started thinking more something like, "what would this church think if I posted this or that on FB or twitter?"  I could feel myself at first thinking, "don't let a church tell you what you are going to post or not post."  This thinking is understandable but here's my point.  Many of us would avoid (and perhaps you can think of times when you have avoided) troubles because of those whom God placed in your life to help keep you accountable.   It's good when we know that someone cares about our lives of faith and wants to see us flourishing.   I see the importance of each of us having a mentor, someone who helps keep us accountable to being the great person daily that God has called us to be.   Sure, we can always do the things that we want to do, but don't you know that each day you are living "free" by your definition, you may be moving back into chains that make you less productive for God's kingdom.   It's better to be careful than to be carefree; because there is always an enemy that wants to see you not living to your full potential, not living a prayerful, powerful, unique life of faith and mission that we are all meant for.

Realize that accountability is what's going to thrust you forward.   Accept it.

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