Monday, July 29, 2013

If You Can Grasp It All, Then The Dream Is Too Small

If you can grasp how deep, how wide, how wonderful God´s plans are for you, they would be the size of an ant to a mountain landscape. God´s plans for you are specific├▒ they are big!  Too big to fully comprehend.  I asked God about what is my "profession" or what is my "purpose" supposed to be.  He pointed me to Joseph in the Bible.  When Joseph was in prison, he was just a slave.  All of Joseph´s life before the dream was realized, Joseph didn´t know anything about his "profession" or about any particular "goal".  Professions and goals are good to have.  My point is you are blessed more than you think, way beyond your goals and waaaay outside the scope of your profession in this world.  Pray and let God open up your heart to the bigger picture. :) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Best Times/Places to Be Joyful! :)

There is no better time to have and display joy than to have and display it at work! :)  It's the best time to give other people joy.  It's the easiest way to give other people joy.  If you're having a great time at a party that's one thing; so are many other people. But there's something about a person who displays JOY while they work.  I believe this is one of the great secrets of pleasing God.  Sing while you work.  Just enjoy every part of it as a display of greatness.  There is no greater time than to display joy while you work, no better place to spread joy than at work, no better place to feel joy and communicate the love of God than while you work.  Know this: God multiplies joy expressed at your workplace.  He has reserved a special blessing for joy display during work. ;)  Take my word for it and display your joy at work.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Live Now! Live Light!

What is something that would help you to enjoy your life richly more RIGHT NOW!  Today!

Be a peace, pray, and go out and do it!  But don't do it for a purpose.  Do us all a favor and do it for fun!   That lightness carries heavily.  That's love.  Do it for the enjoyment of it all.  Enjoy your life adn don't think about what others say think or say.  Live light.   Throw off every baggage and don't do anything for anything but have fun.  I promise you it will carry.  Keep your hobbies your hobbies, not matter how much people want to give you to do them, keep them light and you'll keep them full and lovely.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

God is Your Destiny! : )

God is our destiny.  If you have God in your life, then you have found more than your destiny, but destiny for a thousand generations. There is nothing greater than God moving in and through us.  What destiny would be greater?  None.  God is moving greatly in your life today!  God is power in you now!  You are fulfilling your destiny every moment.  God is fulfilling all things, making all things new in you today!  You are blessed, strong, talented, confident, healthy, renewed, glowing, radiant, positive, a blessing today!

God bless you today!  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Give Us Today Our Daily Purpose :)

Today, all we really need is what God wants to give us; it's more than what we could ever ask any way! Everything else, all of other things that we "think we want" or really the things that would way us down.  God gives all the things that are incredibly light but carry weight in blessings for the rest of our lives.  The words, "Give us today our daily bread" is about food and so much more of the things we really need.  Alot of us who are reading this probably knows what it's like to be able to choose whatever it is that we want to eat for the day, so it can be easy, like I did, to overlook this part of our prayers.  But here "Our daily bread" can also easily be translated as, "Our daily purpose".  This is easy to relate to as so many people are starving; but not of food.  People are in great need of purpose.

In the world there are so many purposes, and God gives us our one daily purpose; just our purpose for the day.  If I could ask for one thing in Christ, it's to accomplish my purpose for today.  Sometimes it's hard to know, so when I prayed i realized what my one purpose was for today:  It was to teach and teach well my students.  That's my glorifying purpose for tomorrow as well.  What is your daily purpose for today?  Ask the LORD.  If I have my purpose for today, I can live without those other things that tempt me to look the other way.  Thank God for our daily purpose.

Have a blessed day as you pray : )  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

He Told You To Have Fun :)

What else does "Enjoy your life mean?"  I believe that there should be no difference between the pleasantries we made out of life when we were a kid and the life we are living now as adults.  We were never made to be ruled by anything under God Most High.  We are His children and He commands us to life and fruitful and en-joyful life!

I believe that God has been teaching me to live an enjoyable life fun of fruit that comes from faith and faith's fruit is truing found in these actions: rejoicing, giving thanks, singing, praising, shouting for joy, gladness, what makes you glad, happy?  You need to do it to a least a little degree today!  Just laugh and think about the things that really make you smile a true genuine full smile. :)   These are the things God wasn't to give you everyday to bring glory to Him. :)   We are to meditate on such things:  things that are praise worthy, true, noble, just, pure, lovely, things of virtue, excellence, respectable, not worthy of praise to God.  We have all power to have these things overflowing in us and in fact, they are! :)   God wants us to NEVER GIVE AWAY YOUR ENJOYMENT NEVER!   When we realize this, we will see that there is nothing more satisfying that suffering with a pure conscious because there is no higher honor on this earth for a man.    But for the people in this world today, "suffering" means to give up our comfortable for the TRULY ABUNDANT LIFE THROUGH CHRIST JESUS.  Jesus told the rich young man to sell all he had and follow him, not as a joke, but because he was being honest:  the rich young man truly would have found something much fuller, much greater, much more enjoyable than all the richness he could have ever had in a life time, and who knows, he could have received that as well!  Trust in God is by itself richer and gold earrings, pearls, and the diamonds and riches of this world, what it has to offer.   What am I saying?  Jesus, by himself is more:  fun, en-joyful, great, full, than anything we will ever hear to be enjoyable in this world for a thousand times a thousand generations plus 1.  

Our God is great!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why Explaining is a Waist of Time : )

Do you find yourself explaining things that you do to people?  Stop NOW! :)   Why?  Your life explains everything for you.  In fact, that's all life does.  Even when you explain your life to others; that also will speak something in and of itself.

Life does ALL the explaining.  I am probably the worst, always analyzing my life, trying to figure it out; it's good to make sense out of things, but maybe it's better to say, "You know, I don't understand that!"  and "You know what?  I have do not have ANY idea why this happened!" or "That was not a good move on my part...etc."  And then move on, live and learn from it.  And however many times it takes for you to learn something, but get frustrated and don't try to explain it!  I tried to explain to everybody everything about myself and why I do this and that.  I'm learning that I need to practice loving myself.  The way we treat ourselves is a clear reflection of how we treat others. So have patience with yourself more often :)  

For example, if you are harsh on yourself, you may find yourself being harsh on a aggressive way towards others. Or if you analyze yourself to often, it is most likely you are analyzing others behavior as well, and that is not fair to them because you are making a judgement of others based on only your own narrow experience and perspective and not seeing the big picture, refusing to see with God's eyes, which are eyes of love and compassion ONLY towards the world (Jn 3:16).  God looks at us with eyes of zealous and great, overwhelming love and compassion, and He commands us to love each other in the same way. (See Matthew 26:14-39)

As we love others, our lives will do ALL of the explaining.  In fact!  OTHERS will often speak on our behalf, testifying to what they see in us! (See Acts fact THE WHOLE BOOK!).  

So live today, praying for others; praying how you may show that light, and after you have asked God how to show your life, quietly observe and see what God has done and rejoice!  Quietly look as see the things God is doing through you today!  He is showing His relentless through you to others today.

God bless as you have a best Sunday!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Show Kindness to People Today :)

Show Kindness to people today.  Be kind to them as a celebration of you meeting the kindest person you've ever met!  Because of Jesus, you can be kind to people.  God gives us the ability to show kindness to others.  Be kind to people because you are a kind person.  Being kind has nothing to do with others and have everything to do with you and what God has done for you in your life.  He has been more good than we could ever ask of Him.  Praise God today and show some kind of kindness to others.  As a matter of fact, pray for God to inspire you with the creative, light and warm ways to bless others today.  God will answer your prayers.  May you have an amazing and lovely day full of life as you recognize and share the kindness of a Great God in your life today.  :)