Thursday, July 11, 2013

Give Us Today Our Daily Purpose :)

Today, all we really need is what God wants to give us; it's more than what we could ever ask any way! Everything else, all of other things that we "think we want" or really the things that would way us down.  God gives all the things that are incredibly light but carry weight in blessings for the rest of our lives.  The words, "Give us today our daily bread" is about food and so much more of the things we really need.  Alot of us who are reading this probably knows what it's like to be able to choose whatever it is that we want to eat for the day, so it can be easy, like I did, to overlook this part of our prayers.  But here "Our daily bread" can also easily be translated as, "Our daily purpose".  This is easy to relate to as so many people are starving; but not of food.  People are in great need of purpose.

In the world there are so many purposes, and God gives us our one daily purpose; just our purpose for the day.  If I could ask for one thing in Christ, it's to accomplish my purpose for today.  Sometimes it's hard to know, so when I prayed i realized what my one purpose was for today:  It was to teach and teach well my students.  That's my glorifying purpose for tomorrow as well.  What is your daily purpose for today?  Ask the LORD.  If I have my purpose for today, I can live without those other things that tempt me to look the other way.  Thank God for our daily purpose.

Have a blessed day as you pray : )  

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