Tuesday, July 9, 2013

He Told You To Have Fun :)

What else does "Enjoy your life mean?"  I believe that there should be no difference between the pleasantries we made out of life when we were a kid and the life we are living now as adults.  We were never made to be ruled by anything under God Most High.  We are His children and He commands us to life and fruitful and en-joyful life!

I believe that God has been teaching me to live an enjoyable life fun of fruit that comes from faith and faith's fruit is truing found in these actions: rejoicing, giving thanks, singing, praising, shouting for joy, gladness, what makes you glad, happy?  You need to do it to a least a little degree today!  Just laugh and think about the things that really make you smile a true genuine full smile. :)   These are the things God wasn't to give you everyday to bring glory to Him. :)   We are to meditate on such things:  things that are praise worthy, true, noble, just, pure, lovely, things of virtue, excellence, respectable, not worthy of praise to God.  We have all power to have these things overflowing in us and in fact, they are! :)   God wants us to NEVER GIVE AWAY YOUR ENJOYMENT NEVER!   When we realize this, we will see that there is nothing more satisfying that suffering with a pure conscious because there is no higher honor on this earth for a man.    But for the people in this world today, "suffering" means to give up our comfortable for the TRULY ABUNDANT LIFE THROUGH CHRIST JESUS.  Jesus told the rich young man to sell all he had and follow him, not as a joke, but because he was being honest:  the rich young man truly would have found something much fuller, much greater, much more enjoyable than all the richness he could have ever had in a life time, and who knows, he could have received that as well!  Trust in God is by itself richer and gold earrings, pearls, and the diamonds and riches of this world, what it has to offer.   What am I saying?  Jesus, by himself is more:  fun, en-joyful, great, full, than anything we will ever hear to be enjoyable in this world for a thousand times a thousand generations plus 1.  

Our God is great!


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