Monday, July 29, 2013

If You Can Grasp It All, Then The Dream Is Too Small

If you can grasp how deep, how wide, how wonderful God´s plans are for you, they would be the size of an ant to a mountain landscape. God´s plans for you are specific├▒ they are big!  Too big to fully comprehend.  I asked God about what is my "profession" or what is my "purpose" supposed to be.  He pointed me to Joseph in the Bible.  When Joseph was in prison, he was just a slave.  All of Joseph´s life before the dream was realized, Joseph didn´t know anything about his "profession" or about any particular "goal".  Professions and goals are good to have.  My point is you are blessed more than you think, way beyond your goals and waaaay outside the scope of your profession in this world.  Pray and let God open up your heart to the bigger picture. :) 

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