Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why Explaining is a Waist of Time : )

Do you find yourself explaining things that you do to people?  Stop NOW! :)   Why?  Your life explains everything for you.  In fact, that's all life does.  Even when you explain your life to others; that also will speak something in and of itself.

Life does ALL the explaining.  I am probably the worst, always analyzing my life, trying to figure it out; it's good to make sense out of things, but maybe it's better to say, "You know, I don't understand that!"  and "You know what?  I have do not have ANY idea why this happened!" or "That was not a good move on my part...etc."  And then move on, live and learn from it.  And however many times it takes for you to learn something, but get frustrated and don't try to explain it!  I tried to explain to everybody everything about myself and why I do this and that.  I'm learning that I need to practice loving myself.  The way we treat ourselves is a clear reflection of how we treat others. So have patience with yourself more often :)  

For example, if you are harsh on yourself, you may find yourself being harsh on a aggressive way towards others. Or if you analyze yourself to often, it is most likely you are analyzing others behavior as well, and that is not fair to them because you are making a judgement of others based on only your own narrow experience and perspective and not seeing the big picture, refusing to see with God's eyes, which are eyes of love and compassion ONLY towards the world (Jn 3:16).  God looks at us with eyes of zealous and great, overwhelming love and compassion, and He commands us to love each other in the same way. (See Matthew 26:14-39)

As we love others, our lives will do ALL of the explaining.  In fact!  OTHERS will often speak on our behalf, testifying to what they see in us! (See Acts fact THE WHOLE BOOK!).  

So live today, praying for others; praying how you may show that light, and after you have asked God how to show your life, quietly observe and see what God has done and rejoice!  Quietly look as see the things God is doing through you today!  He is showing His relentless through you to others today.

God bless as you have a best Sunday!


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